Finally I did a mani that I had in my mind for quite some time now. Ladybugs …

N.Y.C. - Big Apple Red Creme + Chez-Delaney H22N.Y.C. – Big Apple Red Creme – 2 coats
Chez-Delaney H22
Konad Special polish – black
Essence – High Shine Topcoat

Oh well, the idea was great and so was the execution. At least until I put on a coat of top coat, which made a mess. I hate when that happens. And that always happens with Konad Special polishes. I think it’s time, to get that Konad top coat. Does it really help? Do you have any experience with it?

And what am I supose to do with my ladybugs? Aaaaaaaaaaaangry!


  1. i have konad top coat and i havent use it.. LOL :haha: hmmm… i’ll try to use it and let u know if it will lessen the smudging of the design… im using seche and i like it….i think correct brush stroke will really lessen the smudging of the SP… merry xmas Maja!!! :wub:

  2. Love those adorable ladybugs. I would use the polish that is made to go with the kit. I think you would get the best results.

  3. I don’t konad that much but my experience is that you shouldn’t brush that much over the konadicure when you put you top coat over it. I think one, max. 2 brushstrokes over the special polish. That way it doesn’t bleed that much

  4. The ladybugs are cute! I’m not a huge fan of the special polishes either. I’ve let them dry fr 10-15 minutes and they still smear when I add top coat. I’ve used Seche, Out The Door and Zoya Armor with it and same result each time. Grr.

  5. I use the Konad topcoat every time I stamp.  It will pretty much stop smearing. It’s great for securing rhinestones too! I use either CND Air Dry or Diamont over top of that since the Konad topcoat doesn’t self-level. 

  6. the manicure is still super cute:) I also recommend konad special top coat, or you use your regular top coat after a while, when the image is really well dried, but you have to use it quite a lot, so you don’t touch the image with the brush:=)

    • Thank you for your advice, unsu! I waited for at least 10 minutes before putting the top coat on. Maybe/Probably I just didn’t have enough polish on my brush… But I guess Essence top coat also isn’t jelly enough… I try not to touch the images with the bristles but if the polish isn’t jelly, that’s a bit difficult. Oh well.. I really need Konad top coat, don’t I? LOL

  7. I have it and use it. It’s okay but right after it dries I use my Seche Vite over it. Thats probably overkill but SV is shinier to me.

  8. Ah what a shame it smudged! It’s a really cute look.

    I have the konad top coat and I swear by it for going over the top of konad special polishes. It doesn’t smudge them at all.

  9. Obožuje pikapoke, tako simpatične so :silly:

    Drugače pa se to tudi meni kdaj zgodi, tako da tudi premišljujem o nakupu Konadovega nadlaka.

  10. Ah, meni je hitrosušečih nadlakov škoda za takšne reči. :blush: Si pa mislim, da zna biti G2G fajn, ker je gelast in s čopičem ne prideš do vzorčka. Tale Essence, ki ga sicer uporabljam za čez nail art, pa ni gelast in zato spacka te Konadove lake – ostalih pa ne.


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