Manhattan LE Crazy Colours 69

By Mamy

I already showed you few of the Manhattan Crazy Colours limited edition polishes in THIS post.

Yesterday I found another polish from Crazy Colors LE – no. 69. This shade has eggplant base with red shimmer. It’s quite opaque and glides onto the nails. I used two layers.

It look as a lot like Collistar Melanzana Glitter at first glance, withe the exception of gold shimmer in Collistar polish. I compared it with Jessica Cinderella Red also, but they look nothing alike.

Comparison between the mentioned shades. They don’t look very much alike, do they?

You get 5ml of polish in the bottle – ideal for all of us who like to change polish regularly. 

This post is also available in SLOVENŠČINA.

10 thoughts on “Manhattan LE Crazy Colours 69”

  1. Hvala, dekleta!  :happy: Res je lep in zelo mi je všeč.  Sedaj ga nikjer več ne vidim, v kakšni Tuš-evi drogeriji bi ga bilo še mogoče najti?
    Joan, we’ll try to find it for you!  :rose:
    After applying the nail polish, nails are very smooth.

  2. Do your nails feel smooth when you apply the polish, or does it make them somewhat rough on the top? Beautiful color for sure. I really like it!  I can see this too with some of the pretty nail art designs. Now Ive got to find it in the US.


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