S-he Stylezone 399

Are you in a habit of buying polishes just because they look good in a bottle? I must admit that I am.

This time I have proof why that might not be a good idea.  I bought  S-he Stylezone 399 just because I liked the color.

S-he Stylezone 399

Ever since Maestra addicted us with blue polishes – EXAMPLE – I started to notice them and fell in love with them.

My love for no. 399 was very short one. It took four layers to get the color I wanted. This is one very sheer/watery polish so I had to use really thin coats.

S-he Stylezone 399

S-he Stylezone 399

Finish: jelly. If you’re looking for soft blue color, go ahead, but if you’re looking for replacement for Essence 03 Bonnie, keep looking. Bonnie if very pigmented and intensive blue so they’re not even similar.

Next time I’ll do comparison between them. Until then enjoy first days of the spring.


  1. oh yeah,  I have some polishes that looks so nice in the bottle but worst when applying or wearing in on nails!! oh yeh Maestra I call her Miss Blue she lovessssssssss blue!!! :rose:

  2. Tega sem še jaz gledala in se nisem mogla odločiti ali naj ga kupim ali ne. Barva mi je res lepa.
    Zdaj pa vidim, da je redek, tako da HB da ga nisem kupila :devil:

  3. Helena, barva je res lepa. Pool Party- na tega sem pozabila, res je gost in pigmentiran. :thumb:
    Nihrida, se strinjam, preveč truda za premalo efekta. :rose:

  4. Joj meni pa je ta barva prečudovita! :) Ampak si bom raje kar Essence Pool party omislila, ker je bolj gost in ima še šimer :)


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