Swatch and review: Inglot – 321 + KOTD

I got my first Inglot polish from Thriszha in our last swap package. Thriszha choose a perfect shade for me. Thank you dear! The polish’s name is 321. When I first saw the bottle, I was like: “Meh, this one is sheer and frosty.” But then I tried it on and I was right. It is on the sheer side and it has a frost finish, which I hate, but you know what? I don’t care, because the shade is so freaking awesome!  It glows! And I know that’s just because of the frost finish. Just look at this beauty …

Swatch: Inglot - 321As said it’s a bit on the sheer side. On my short nails after two coats, the tips are still a bit visible, but I didn’t mind.

Swatch: Inglot - 321Swatch: Inglot - 321Swatch: Inglot - 321I was really in shock when I put Inglot 321 on my nails. I couldn’t believe that such a beauty really exists. Pure perfection! And probably the most perfect summery shade ever made! Love it!

I guess, the most similar polish in my stash to Inglot 321 is the CHI – Hypnotized, but they are not dupes.

Comparison: Inglot - 321 vs. CHI - Hypnotized

I had to try some other beauties that were in Thriszha’s package. Of course a konadicure was in order. I thought I’d try the new Konad plate m78 and one of my new Enchant polishes, namely the number 7. That’s what I came up with …

Konadicure: Inglot - 321 + Konad m78 with Enachant - 7As you can see I turned the pattern, because I liked it better this way, but it was a bit short on a few of my nails. I tried to double stamp it on my thumb, but with no success. What can I say? I wish that the chosen pattern would be longer in this direction.

Thriszha, you picked the perfect shade for me! Thank you!

What do you think about the konadicure? Do you think that I “ruined” the polish?

12 thoughts on “Swatch and review: Inglot – 321 + KOTD”

  1. wow!!! it looks gorgeous on u…. coz honestly when i tried the tester of this polish it doesnt compliment on my skin!! Im just so glad that u like the polish!!!.. :party:

  2. You didn’t ruin the color at all, i love how the look turned out :)
    I don’t like frost nail polish as well, but i think i could forget that little detail for this color !

  3. Zelo je lep in izredno zanimiv – nenavaden odtenek,  :drop: čeprav mi je po finišu CHI Hypnotized za odtenek  lepši.  S konadom mi je zelo všeč. :yes:


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