Catrice – Back To Black

Today I have something for all the vampy polish lovers out there.

The darkest of the new Catrice Ultimate nail polishes is named Back To Black – black base filled with blue-gray shimmer. The water drops you see on the “sun” photo are actually rain drops. We have rain, rain and more rain all the time … even if the sun is shining. :D

Catrice - Back To Black swatch
Catrice – Back To Black: sun

I like the color, but finish is a little bit weird – it has almost no gloss but it’s not matte or satin. Nothing that one layer of top coat can’t fix.

I used two layers of Back To Black over base coat.

Catrice - Back To Black swatch
Catrice – Back To Black: shade
Catrice - Back To Black swatch
Catrice – Back To Black: light-box

I did make konadicure over the Back To Black, but I’ll show it to you in one of the future posts since I made it for special occasion.

I get asked a lot, if I could compare  Catrice and Essence polishes. I personally like Catrice polishes better than Essence ones. Why?

  • They have perfect brush for me;
  • most of the shades have fantastic formula;
  • staying power is great with the top and base coat I’m currently using;
  • colors are very well thought through …

I only love Chine Glaze polishes better than Catrice ones. Essence and p2 are also good and I love them, but Catrice has way better brush, so I rank Ultimate Nail Lacquer higher than those two brands.

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