H&M: Bella’s Choice, U Must Have This and Aquatini, swatches

By Mamy

Today I have for you three blue H&M polishes. Well, two blue and one turquoise one. At first glance they look alike, but they’re not. With great difficulties I managed to capture the true shade of turquoise one.

H&M: Bella's Choice, U Must Have This, Aquatini, bottles
H&M: Bella
H&M: U Must Have This, Bella's Choice, Aquatini, bottles
H&M: U Must Have This, Bella

Bella’s Choice lives up to its name. Shade comes in beautiful pastel turquoise color. It has a little bit thicker formula, but it’s still manageable. Two layers, no top coat.

H&M: Bella's Choice, swatch
H&M: Bella

U Must Have This… how true – you really have to have this shade. Sky blue shade. Two layers, creme finish.

H&M: U Must Have This, swatch
H&M: U Must Have This; sun

Those two polishes come in 9ml bottles.

Aquatini is a lot thinner shimmery polish, so application was easier. It is however less opaque, so I had to use three layers (no top coat). Something bothers me about this polish, but I have no idea what.

H&M: Aquatini, swatch
H&M: Aquatini; sun
H&M: Aquatini, swatch
H&M: Aquatini, shadow

It looks nice in the bottle, but I like it less than previous two shades. Pretty bottle contains 11ml of polish.

H&M: Aquatini

What do you think? I find them very beautiful. I’m completely taken by first two polishes.

I wrote about similar p2 polishes in THIS post.I like those too. Actually – I don’t find H&M polishes to be much better than p2 ones.

I still haven’t decided which one shall I put on. I usually choose something totally different to wear..

That is all from me for today. Have a nice day no matter where on Earth you are right now!

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14 thoughts on “H&M: Bella’s Choice, U Must Have This and Aquatini, swatches”

  1. Bella’s Choice mi je zelooo všeč :wub:  se ga nebi branla :silly:
    .-= Lyra´s last post … New Catrice Polishes!! =-.

  2. love ’em all :D
    argh- i’ve got them but they’re sitting in my untried stash (which i fear will explode one day because I keep buying and wearing only a little :stars: )


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