Swatches and review: Essie – The Resort Collection 2010

By Mamy

How many of you loves gentle shades on your nails? A lot? I thought so.

Essie is offering us four new shades in trendy colors. At first glance I thought them to be deja vu … until I saw the first swatches.

Essie- The Resort Collection, swatches bottles
Essie –  The Resort Collection

Colors are warm, gentle, playful but still classy. In short – shades are simply “in” and must have.

Essie - The resort Collection, swatches bottles
Essie –  The Resort Collection

Four mini shades come packaged in cute box. Fantastic gift for your friend, I’m sure she’ll love it.

Essie - The Resort Collection

Polishes are quite watery even though they don’t look it in the bottle. 

I was little bit skeptical about five or six layers of polish, base coat, top coat … How long would it take to dry all those layers?

First layers was very watery, second one was little bit better but still not enough. I was satisfied with effect third layer gave me (I did try to apply fourth one, but found it unnecessary).

Lapis Of Luxury: sky blue color that impressed me the most.

Essie - The Resort Collectin: Lapis Of Luxury, swatch
Essie – The Resort Collection: Lapis Of Luxury

Splash Of Grenadine: eternally lovely cyclamen color, that goes best with my skin tone.

Essie - The Resort Collection: Splash Of Grenadine, swatch
Essie – The Resort Collection: Splash Of Grenadine

Playa Del Platinum: gray shade that looks dull in the shade, but looks really nice int the sun.

Essie - The Resort Collection: Playa Del Platinum, swatch
Essie – The Resort Collection: Playa Del Platinum

Turquoise & Caicos: turquoise color I love. It’s a little bit more green than blue color that sometimes looks like almost warm minty shade. I prefer this shade over Orly Gumdrop.

Essie - The Resort Collection: Turquoise & Caicos
Essie – Turquoise & Caicos

Swatches were made in cloudy weather. I’m sure sun would give them another dimension, but you can’t choose the weather.

Are you impressed by Essie’s new collection as much as I am?

Trees and shrubbery, flowers and grass … they don’t complain over the rain, but thrive on it.

Zlati dez, Nagnoj, Laburnum
Zlati dež, Nagnoj, Laburnum

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12 thoughts on “Swatches and review: Essie – The Resort Collection 2010”

  1. My favorite from thos collection is Playa, o my it’s beautiful. Next, hm, I think that Turqois&Caicos, it looks great on my nails.
    I like Resort Collection so much. It reminds me of my holidays in Varna: wet sand, blue sky, turquois sea and drink with little cutie umbrella :party:

  2. Najboljsa kolekcija doslej.. :) Taki zelo nosljivi in tudi ljudem ki so jim vsec ‘klasicno rdeci’ lakci bodo vsec tej… :) Vsaj zdi se mi, zaradi komplimentov ki jih dobivam na racun teh barv na nohtih… :)

  3. Punce en paket lahko podrem, ker ena iz Arsa je hotela pa imet sivčka. Jaz bi pa rozkota.  Pa smo zmenjene. :whistle:

  4. Za moje pojme žal dolgočasna kolekcija, edinole Turquoise & Caicos mi je pogojno všeč, vendar, po različnih swatchih sodeč, bi morala nanest na nohte, da bi videla, če mi ni preveč turkizen. Verjamem pa, da bo večini zelo všeč. :)


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