American Apparel – Hunter

When our reader purple_rain saw Maestra’s swatch of American Apparel polishes on a nail wheel she was  anxious to see the “real” swatch of Hunter shade. And since Hunter is currently visiting me, I’ll be her fairy good mother for the day.

American Apparel - Hunter bottle

This shade really impressed me. It’s opaque with the first layer, application is great, so is drying time, brush is easy to work with … what more could I wish for?

Color is also fantastic – dark green without specific undertones. And I give this polish big plus for being green even without much light.

American Apparel - Hunter swatch
American Apparel – Hunter: shade
American Apparel - Hunter swatch
American Apparel – Hunter: lightbox

I used one layer on pinky and two on the other tips. No top coat.

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8 thoughts on “American Apparel – Hunter”

  1. Oooooooooo, zanj sem tudi jaz navijala, in, ah, popoln je!!! Čudovit lak, vsekakor. Orly je torej dvojček? Čisto zares? :D Ker verjetno lažje pridem do Orlyja kot tegale lepotca. Če pa je še kak podoben v zakladnici lakov Parokeets (in bolj dostopen), pa res prosim za to informacijo. :) Prelep lak!

  2. Lepi, lepi zelenko. :)
    Jz bi verjetno uporabila samo en sloj, skoraj mi pretemen deluje, ampak je še vedno čudovit. :hmm:


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