Hot Neon NOTD: Orly – Orange Punch

Although it’s rainy and relatively cold outside I’m having a hot neon manicure today. I decided to try the Orly – Orange Punch.

Swatch: Orly - Orange Punch
Orly – Orange Punch (2 coats no TC)

I was impressed how opaque Orange Punch was. I thought it would be streaky, thin and hard to apply, but I had no application issues with it. It was nice and opaque in two coats.

Here is a picture taken under the blacklight …

Swatch: Orly - Orange Punch under the blacklight
Orly – Orange Punch (2 coats no TC) under the blacklight

And the bottle comparison with the Essie – Bright Tights. Picture taken under the blacklight.

Under blacklight: Orly - Orange Punch vs. Essie - Bright Tights
Essie – Bright Tights (left) vs. Orly – Orange Punch (right) under the blacklight

You can see that they aren’t dupes. Orly is redder. I think it’s perfect for summer pedicures.

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13 thoughts on “Hot Neon NOTD: Orly – Orange Punch”

  1. Orange is not one of my favorite colors, but this Orly looks great!  Love the blacklight photo–very fun.


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