Finland in one picture

By Mamy

Holidays in Finland impressed us soooo much. For the beginning of this entry, let me just show you a photo named “Finland in one picture”. Hope you will enjoy.

Finland in one picture by Parokeets

We were really impressed with everything we saw… We have never been in such a “calm”, orderly and beautiful country.

Journey was very exciting, across all the countries, straight to Finland. But we will talk about that later. 

13 thoughts on “Finland in one picture”

  1. I used to live in Sweden when I was a kid. I always wanted to go back there because I just love that country! I love Scandinavia in general, lovely countries!
    Glad you enjoyed there, I hope to see more photos! :)

  2. Super fotka! Finska je res fajn, živim tukaj že 3 leta. ;) Upam, da je z vami v Slovenijo pripotovalo tudi kaj Lumene dekorativnih izdelkov.


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