Test: Do the kitchen magnets work with magnetic polishes?

The answer is: Of course they do! Why wouldn’t they? A magnet is a magnet. Only the patterns are different depending on the magnet you use. Some of them don’t create anything appealing and some are great. Just try them. Shake your bottle of a magnetic polish (polish that contains particles that are attracted by a magnet) and then hold your magnet near the bottle for a couple of seconds and for a moment you’ll see what pattern your magnet created.

I have tons of magnets on my refrigerator. I tried some of them and most of them were useless for me, but some were OK. Here’s the result of my experiment.

Swatch: Magnetic polishes do work with kitchen magnets!
Magnetic polishes do work with kitchen magnets!

As you can see, most of the magnets are useless, but the cat&mouse magnet is OK. Nevertheless I think that the Alessandro and Star Magnet magnets were the best in this test. They created the most appealing and crisp designs. I’m still waiting to get my hands on the newest Essence magnetic polishes. As soon as I get them, I’ll show them to you.

Now, go ahead and try all your kitchen magnets! And let me know in the comments, how did they work for you.

p.s. Click on the photo to see it in full size.

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23 thoughts on “Test: Do the kitchen magnets work with magnetic polishes?”

  1. I love these little experiments! :idea: I was wondering, could this work without a magnetic polish? For example, if you used a strong kitchen magnet and a polish with shimmer or microglitter? Glitter is metal… Must try this. :undecided:

  2. Wau. Lepo, da si nam zaupala svoje novo odkritje. Na mojem hladilniku je ogromno magnetkov, sedaj pa si moram še samo nabaviti “magnetni lak” :haha: :haha: :scared:   Drugače se pa strinjam z Gejbo Alessandro magnet je res najlepši.

    • If you click on the photo, you can see it in full size. In the photo is writen which magnet created which pattern. For the crisp diagonal lines I’ve used the Alessandro magnet (black oval one). Magnet that comes with the Alessandro magnetic polishes: CLICK

  3. I thought that any magnet could work when I first heard of it.But I can’t find magnetic polish ANYWHERE!
    I’m so jealous of you :p
    Love the stripes that there were created!

  4. Oh, zelo lepo! Rožica mi jesuper, pa poševne črte. Za Essence se pa govori, da ne deluje. :angry: Čakam na vašo potrditev. :yes:

  5. hah?? essence magnetic polish?? :w00t: OMG!! u can delay ur package :wub:  till next yr..LOL
    did u try to cut a pattern and paste it in ur magnet and did i create the pattern u like.. try to look at ur magnet they have some pattern on it… :wink:

    • Yes, there are magnetic polishes in the newest TE by Essence. ;)

      I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what are you asking me. :undecided: No, I didn’t cut any patterns. I just used some of my kitchen magnets instead of the ones that come with the polishes.

  6. Zelo zanimiv eksperiment. :w00t:

    Sem se že spraševala kakšne vzorce lahko dobimo z drugimi magneti. :biggrin:   Ampak Alessandro magnet mi je še kar najboljši. :thumb:


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