Alessandro Go Magic! Twist – Wild Purple

Maestra already showed you quick swatches of Alessandro Go Magic! Twist collection of magnetic nail polishes. She also kindly picked up for me Wild Purple shade.

I was quite impressed after I used this polish for the first time. Alessandro managed to make the polish I wouldn’t really liked … if I was judging by the description. It’s hard to describe this color – but we’re talking about browned purple with metallic shimmer. But the only word that comes to my mind when I look at this polish is – chic.

Alessandro Go Magic! Twist - Wild Purple swatch
Alessandro Go Magic! Twist – Wild Purple: 2 layers + top coat

As you can see I had problems with mastering their brush. But they say practice makes perfect. Polish has slight frost finish, but it isn’t really visible so I can live with it.

Their magnet totally rocks – it’s strong, curved … But I decided that I like soft pattern better, so I increased the distance between magnet and nails. It’s interesting to see that Alessandro and Essence magnetic polishes have similar finish – not glossy and not matte and not plastic either.

Alessandro Go Magic! Twist - Wild Purple + magnet

tamck wanted to know if it is possible to mattify magnetic polishes and keep the pattern intact. You can – but you have to use the same technique as with Konad images – thick layer of top coat and never go twice over the same spot. As you can see I learned that only when I reached the third finger. 

Alessandro Go Magic! Twist - Wild Purple + Essence Matte top coat swatch

Which version do you like the best?

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28 thoughts on “Alessandro Go Magic! Twist – Wild Purple”

  1. :stars: I’ve only seen this once.  They are amazing polishes.  Love the design.  Looks wonderful glossy and matte. 

  2. After holos I think my favourite are magnetic! I prefer it with the frost finish instead of matte, and I think I have the same problem…. curvy nails! But I think I can manage :P do you have any of those magnetic polishes that make that starry effect?? They are so beautiful!!!

  3. uff, mat mi sploh ni všeč
    za te magnetne zadeve se pa še nisem odločila al so mi všeč ali ne…na nekaterih fotkah nohti izgledajo kar malo nezdravi, grudasti…
    barva laka je pa fenomenalna! tako da za moj okus prva fotka definitivno zmaga!

  4. Hm, mat finiš mi ni všeč, mi je pa zelo všeč že lak brez magnetka, lep je! Nekam težko ga je dobiti, kolegica ga povsod išče, pa se ga ne najde. Točno ta odtenek, rjavega še imajo, bojda.

  5. Mat mi sploh ni všeč :bljak: Drugače pa sem tudi jaz navdušena nad tem oddtenkom :wub:   mi je pa bolj všeč močnejši vzorček :yes:


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