Magnetic holographic polishes – in stock

This is interesting only for our Slovenian readers, but since some of them read our blog in English language I translated the post.

Majc asked me yesterday where can she buy not to expensive holographic polishes in Slovenia. The only ones that came to my mind (besides Color Club) are Magnetic holo polishes.

And since I was in their salon anyway, I made a list of holographic polishes that are currently in stock (you can order the ones that are not is stock too).

Shades currently in stock:

  • Shimmering Titanium;
  • Shimmering Gold (168099);
  • Shimmering Silver (168098);
  • Powerful Purple (168086);
  • Radiant Red (168087);
  • Hologram Goldmine (168312).

And I probably forgot to write down one or two. :D

You can personally collect ordered items in Ljubljana in Studio Maya on Podutiška 40a, and place order by phone or email.

They have catalog on their web site, but beware – all those pretty shades will clean out your wallet. I know my WL is getting longer and longer and longer.

13 thoughts on “Magnetic holographic polishes – in stock”

  1. I have a few of the Magnetic brand polishes that I found on Evilbay, but none of the Holo ones  :ermm: I’ve been lemming the holo ones for along time.

    • You’re from Germany right? This is one of German Magnetics salons … and I’m pretty sure they’ll have more to choose from than ours.  :yes:


  2. Če se ne motim, je cena nekaterih lakov 5€, nekaterih pa 6€. Moram pa res pohvaliti njihove lake. Tiste, ki sem jih preizkusila, so precej obstojni in lepo se nanašajo. :thumb:


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