China Glaze: Cloud Nine over white base

By Mamy

I couldn’t get over the fact that polish is “left behind”, forgotten. Remember the China Glaze: Cloud Nine polish I shoved you a while ago?

Nail crazy suggested I use white polish as a base and then layer Cloud Nine over it. Interesting tip.
I used one layer of each polish. And blue glitter is suddenly visible.
You have to admit that it looks better – a lot better. Thx for the idea Nail crazy!

American Apparel: Cotton + China Glaze: Cloud Nine

And what did I use as white base?
American Apparel: Cotton, white polish with very good coverage. One layer, creme finish.


I just had to write this post. Simply because I love your ideas, tips, suggestions. And for you to see that your comments do not go unnoticed. Thank you girls!

10 thoughts on “China Glaze: Cloud Nine over white base”

  1. How did you get AA Cotton to look that good in one coat?! I need three and it still looks dodgy :undecided: You must have mad skillz :yes:

  2. Ooh, it looks so pretty layered! I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be layered. I wonder what it looks like over other colors?

  3. Meni je pa bolj všeč prejšnja verzija. :wub: Nekako preveč rumen izpade, ali je pa to samo do mojega monitorja. :undecided: Drugače pa krasni nohti Mamy! :wub:


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