Catrice LE – Urban Baroque, swatches

By Mamy

Catrice Limited Edition: Urban Baroque is currently sold in neighboring Croatia. This LE is all about soft, pastel shades. If you like nude look, then this is LE for you.

After I saw promo material, I knew I had to have lipsticks.

Catrice_Limited_Edition_Urban_BaroquePolishes look a lot alike … except the last one.

Pearls & Chains: very sher pearl shade with hardly visible pink and blue shimmer.

Rock Barock: a little bit more creme colored than first one, sheer, same shimmer.

Princes & Ballerina: sheer pink shade with same hardly noticeable shimmer.

Biscuits & Cupcakes: sheer coral to dirty pink shade with same shimmer.

Catrice LE Urban Baroque: Pearls&Chains, Rock Barock, Princess&Ballerina, Biscuits&Cupcakes

Catrice lipsticks are once again fantastic, moisturizing and with lovely scent.

Catrice_LE_Urban_Baroque_Marie_Antoinette_Elisabeth_Victoria, swatch
Catrice LE Urban Baroque: Marie Antoinette, Elisabeth, Victoria

This time they come with pretty names.

Marie Antoinette: slightly coral shade.

Elisabeth: gentle, sheer purple color.

Victoria: the most lively one in soft brick red color.

I hope you liked the swatches and that they’ll help you decide what are must have products from this LE.

This post is also available in SLOVENŠČINA.

21 thoughts on “Catrice LE – Urban Baroque, swatches”

  1. Meni je pa ful všeč zadnji, Biscuits&Cupcakes lakec in vse tri šminke in
    bi si jih z največjim veseljem kupila in me zanima če se to da kupit pri nas
    u Slo.?
    Lake vem da imajo u Mullerju, šmink pa nisem še vidla

  2. Vse bi imela… :hmm: Kako je pa kaj na Hrvaškem priti do LE kolekcij? A so razprodane v prvem dnevu ali dveh al so dlje časa na voljo? :undecided:


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