NOTD: Zoya – Ki

By Mamy

Sometimes you have to work really hard to capture the essence of the polish. One of the more demanding ones was Zoya – Ki.

This is duochrome shade, that hides in its depths green and violet color. You don’t see them at the same time but they’re both there. Shade contains tiny but visible shimmer.


I used 3 layers on all the photos. First layer is very sheer, second one so-so and third one was marginally satisfying.

I do not like the streaky look, but that is more visible on close up photos than in real life.

There is nothing more to be said about this shade, so I’ll let photos show you the chameleon character of Zoya Ki.



Zoya_Ki_na soncu

Zoya_Ki_v senci

Zoya_Ki_na soncu

Do you wish to have this shade or do you happen to have something similar?

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9 thoughts on “NOTD: Zoya – Ki”

  1. I have this color. I actually just did a post on it. I love it. I love the duochromeyness (yes, I’m claiming that as a word :) ) of it and how it looks purple or green depending on the light. One of my favorite polishes.

  2. Ena mnogih Zoy, ki je na moji WL. Ravno sem razmišljala neki dan, kako imam zapostavljeno Zoyo v svoji zbirki. Pa res jo imam rada, ena mojih najljubših znamk. Ampak kar ne pridem do nakupa njenih stekleničk. Enega lepega dne bom dala vse ostalo na pavzo in si privoščila en velik haul. ;)


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