Challenge: Show us your country – PHOTOS

Today we’ll leave the “floor” to 13 ladies with original ideas and steady hand. They will introduce us their country through nail art and make-up masterpieces.

The winner of the Show us your country challenge will receive this prize:

Parokeets challenge: Show Us Your Country prize

Let’s take a look at photos and descriptions.

1. 21stCenturyHippy (Canada)

21stCenturyHippy for Parokeets challenge: Show Us Your Country

I live in Canada, but since it is such a big and diverse country I chose to just focus on my favourite part, the North! I decorated my nails with a dogsled team, one of the most famous tourist attractions here.

Although cars have pretty much taken away the need for dogsleds they are still popular for use in sport; there are dozens of dogsled races held annually. The dogsled is also a symbol of Inuit culture, one of the many Aboriginal groups in Canada, and one of the most unique.

2. Rins (Philippines)

Rins for Parokeets challenge: Show Us Your CountryMy inspiration for this nail art comes from the fact that the Philippines is rich in culture and attractions. We have some of the most beautiful tropical beaches in the world. Our country is also a diver’s paradise as we house an abundant marine life is many of our islands. But most importantly, we take pride in our people. Filipinos are known to be one of the friendliest and happiest people in the world. We can find joy in the simplest things.

3. Diana (Netherlands)

Diana for Parokeets challenge: Show Us Your CountryMy country is well known for their cheese so I have a piece of cheese on my pinkie. On my ring finger I have a farmer girl in traditional clothing on wooden shoes holding a mill. A lot of foreign people think that everyone in my country walks on wooden shoes (clogs) but it is just part of the old fashioned traditional clothing of course there are still people who walk on wooden shoes, but that is mostly in the country life. My country is also famous for their tulips, so I have wooden shoes and a red tulip on my middle finger. On my index finger I have a mill, that is also something that can’t be missing. My thumb has a black and white cow on it. You can identify my country by these five things, they all have a connection. You often see them together on photo’s or postcard…then you see a scenery of tulips with cows, mills and farmer people on wooden shoes. And the milk from the cows is used to make cheese. On the tip of my nails I’ve stamped (Konad M44) the colors of my country’s flag.

I’m from Holland (The Netherlands), can you tell?

4. Sabbatha (Poland)

Sabbatha for Parokeets challenge: Show Us Your CountryI’m from Poland. My inspiration was colors from our national flag – white and red. On my ring nail is our flag. On the other nails I stamped a pattern with our national flower – corn poppy. Our national colors are very important for evere Polish citizen.

5. Ulmiel (Slovenia)

Ulmiel for Parokeets challenge: Show Us Your CountryFor the challenge I decided to combine our national symbols with the symbol of my home-town, Ljubljana. In Ljubljana’s coat-of-arms a green dragon is painted, and since dragon is one of my favourite fantasy creatures, my Chinese year symbol and one of my favourite marks of Ljubljana is the Dragon Bridge, it seemed obvious I try to do a sketch of a dragon on my nails. The torso being on my index finger, the tail on my thumb and the fire it breathed on my middle finger. For accent finger I used the scotch tape design with inspiration from Chloe’s Nails, under the rays are our flags colours and on the little finger is our national coat-of-arms. I used 14 different colours for all of this, everything, with the exception of my accent finger’s rays, is drawn by hand. I paid attention to all of the colours (except the base wine red) being holographic or metallic, but sadly there was no Sun to prove that on the picture, so I guess you’re going to have to take my word for that. :)

6. Orlica (Poland)

Orlica for Parokeets challenge: Show Us Your Country“I’m proud of being Polish, so making this mani was a real fun for me. At first I’ve made a Polish flag on each nails – that’s a background. On my index finger I placed Poland’s shape with Wisła, our the longest river. On my middle finger you can see an eagle with a crown, Polish symbol from our national emblem. I think you know who is on my ring finger – it’s one of the greatest Poles in the history – yes, John Paul II. And these “things” on my pinkie are something more local – my town, Toruń, is famous because of gingerbreads what are produced here, I’m pretty sure that you know “Kopernik” – it’s a Polish brand of the best gingerbreads under the sun. ”

7. Andayn (Romania)

Andayn for Parokeets challenge: Show Us Your CountryRomania is a country with talented people, who love everything that is beautiful, people full of life and proud of their traditions. I drew the little nails Romania flag, I tried to the other nails reprezin people dressed in national costume, and this country specific art: panpipes – a musical instrument, hand painted vases and rugs woven by hand.

8. Helena (Slovenia)

Helena for Parokeets challenge: Show Us Your Country

My theme is the sea with all the different colors we can find within:
blue, green, white, yellow, even gold, orange and red. I have chosen
it as my theme, because I come from a region in Slovenia that is the
only one with sea. So it is also the first thing that comes to my mind
when I think of my region. And since my presentation had to look
pretty I did a mermaid(ish) interpretation of the sea.

9. Akuma Kanji (Portugal)

Akuma Kanji for Parokeets challenge: Show Us Your CountryI am from Portugal. A very good country if you are a tourist, a very bad one if you are living here. In Portugal everything is about football (soccer), beer and heavy food and caloric sweets.

My manicure was inspired by some typical Portuguese things, the flag (thumb nail), a pastry specialty called “pastel de nata” also known as “pastel de Belém” (index nail), a Portuguese monument by the sea which is “Torre de Belém” (middle nail), a Portuguese guitar which is the main instrument played in Fado (Portuguese style of music… usually very melancohlic) (ring finger nail) and the symbol/logo of the most famous Portuguese football (soccer) team which is SLB – Sport Lisboa e Benfica (commonly known as Benfica…. it is also my football (soccer) team ) (pinki nail).

10. Prescillia (France)

Prescillia for Parokeets challenge: Show Us Your CountryMy country is France your can see the effeil Tour, a braid “french baguette”, a bottle of vin, and a lys flower which is the symbole of french history!

12. Kory (Romania)

Kory for Parokeets challenge: Show Us Your CountryI live in Romania a country located in Europe! The inspiration for this design came from 4 things:

-our national flag which has a combination of three colours (red, yellow and blue)

-the Bran Castle also known as Dacula Castel.This castle is a national monument and landmark in Romania

-another important character that was a inspiration is Dracula known as Vlad Tepes!Bram Stocker named him Dracula because he used to kill peolple in his own way!the nickname of Vlad is related with the fact that he was a bloodthristy because he like killing the resemblance to a vampir!

-our national port is unique because it made by hand with different colours and some of them are with the flag colours.

13. Cris Junque (Brazil)

Cris Junque for Parokeets challenge: Show Us Your Country

14. Nailgloss (Netherlands): Orange is the colour of the Netherlands and red-white-blue are the colours of the flag.

Nailgloss for Parokeets challenge: Show Us Your Country

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44 thoughts on “Challenge: Show us your country – PHOTOS”

  1. Wowwww!!
    All very beautiful ….
    But in my opinion, Andayn (Romania – 7) overcomes all,
    even my nail decoration of Brazil (Laughter)
    Cris Junque – Fron Brasil

  2. I find it very bad that everyone so reacte to diana. She made her decals self. And who think decals are made in a few minuts, have it wrong.
    To make decals, cost a lot of time and money. Because decalpaper is very expensive.

    This is also nail art. I find your opion very bad. And you are very unkindly to Diana. She showed the best her country. And also my country.

  3. Oh come on girls, can you made your own water decals like she did? They were not made by themselves, right? It takes some time to make them too. Get over it! :ermm:

  4. Sorry if I did something wrong :blush: I thought the challenge was to show your country with a mani or/and make up. Never knew it had to be hand painted. A carefully picked out some images that show you mine country and made my own water decals of it and used Konad. Thought it was a nice way of showing my country (and t it would be fun to learn more about different country’s) guess some readers here don’t appreciate that. I takes time to make your own decals and on request of some people I blogged about it, why are people interest in how I make them if they can only criticize the use of it?
    But I found it no need to talk about free hand isn’t appreciated, now you made it look like I don’t appreciate them but I love al their creations and respect them. Everyone did their best, what happend to respect and leave people for what they are? :ermm:

    Didn’t want to make such a fuss with my creation, guess I should withdrawn myself?

    Maybe nextime you can say in the rules that decals and Konad isn’t allowed and it is for only free hand painting? Instead the readers take it out on someone :(

    Sorry that this had to be on you blog Parokeet ladies :rose: it’s clear to me that my kind of nail art isn’t welcome so I know not the enter anymore.

    But I’m really disaponted that people can’t have respect even if you don’t like what you see.

    • You did absolutely nothing wrong and I honestly see no reason for you to withdraw your manicure.

      Your entry is gorgeous and you expressed yourself with make-up. That is more than we could have asked for.

      Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but to me, the only important thing is that manicure/make-up expresses your idea in any way you find necessary – Konad, free hand nail art, paper technique …

    • Hi Diana! I just wanted to say that sympathize with you. Whoever is making a fuss about it is just because you’re leading (!!!). I’m sure they wouldn’t say a word if you were on the bottom. Although I didn’t vote for you (Kory got my vote), I think you’re the one who represents your country the best! Look at all those national symbols!! Congrats! and the other girls as well. Great entries overall!

  5. huh Diana used water decals or stickers, so it is not that perfect manicure how it looks like. I’m quite disapointed with this entry.

    • I though that it was kind of obvious she used water decals and I honestly do not see the problem. :think:

      Unfortunately we couldn’t publish whole emails as this was too long post as is.

      But in case anybody is interested – here’s what Diana wrote us about mani:
      My inspiration were the typical things that are used to make my country recognizable for foreign people, the images that are used on postcards or you can see in souvenir shops. So I made my own water decals of those things.

        • I’m the same opinion with omg …totally disappointed, It seems that free hand is not appreciated! What is free hand in the end?to stick some stickers? whether found on the net scaled and printed …This is not nail art! Sin, there are plenty of really talented girls,who really know how to make free hand. :ermm: I like the models made andayn, kory and rins

  6. wow… i love all the designs.. my fave is from Rinz entry.. :wink: Im proud to be pinoy & she’s right Filipinos are known to be one of the friendliest and happiest people in the world :happy:

  7. Please do not forget that only votes in poll on the right side of the blog count. :cute:

    I’m impressed with all the entries. So many great ideas. :drop:

  8. Girls, you’re all amazing! But i have to vote for Diana from Holland! Her manicure is perfect and I just love Holland – it is such a beautiful country – I’ve been there on 2 road trips already and I hope I’ll visit the cows and mills and cheese again soon (oh sweet memories :))


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