As Gejba already mentioned in Cosmetic Fair in Celje – 2011 post, there wasn’t much to see or buy. If Magnetic stand wasn’t as impressive as it was, I would go home really disappointed.

We already wrote a lot about Magnetic polishes. Including how much we love them.

To see larger image, click on the photo.

My fair haul – Magnetic polishes (flash).

Magnetic: Rising Sun, Shimmering Titanium, Earl Grey, Polar Nights, Radiant Red, Mink Mahogany



Magnetic: Rising Sun, Shimmering Titanium, Earl Grey
Magnetic: Polar Nights, Radiant Red, Mink Mahogany

Some of them are holographic while I’m not sure about others … like Earl Grey. Earl Grey reminded me of Nfu Oh #61, but they looked nothing alike when I compared the bottles. I’ll compare them in separate post.

Which one do I like the most?

Magnetic: Radiant Red, holographic

How does Radiant Red compare to other similar polishes in my collection? Today I have only bottle pic for you, I’ll try to compare them as soon as possible.


I hope you like my new beauties. I can not stop admiring them.


  1. Hvala za odgovore in vaša mnenja! :cute:
    Thank you for your opinions, ladies! :rose:

    S čim sem zadnje čase tako blazno zaposlena, pa v enem od naslednjih postov. :party:
    What makes me busy at the moment, you’ll find out later… :biggrin:

  2. Joj, Parokeetke, ubijate me z Magnetici. Takoooo zakon so videti!! Mislim, da bom zahtevala 30 € za rojstni dan izključno zanje. :yes: Sicer pa res navijam za Radiant Red swatch, zanima me, če je preveč koralen, ali si ga lahko privoščim. Rdeč holo je moja velika želja. :wub:


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