What happened to Gejba?

Where is Gejba

You know how it is, you get swamped with work, baby decides it’s teething time and blog has to rest for a while. I didn’t even realize I was gone that long until I received few messages asking if I was alive/depressed/healthy. Thank you for all your inquiries, it warms my heart that I have so many good “virtual” friend out there.

I did plan off time from blogging to have a little bit of soul searching, just not as long as it turned out. Sometimes I have to stop and ask myself if this is what I want, the way I want it … I won’t go into in-depth analysis but I missed blogging so this is still the path I want to be on. There a some things that really started to annoy me, so I’ll be changing them one by one. And those are the ones that I wanted to share with you in this post:

  • I hate using natural light + majority of my free time is at night, so I started with THE project – setting up home studio. Something I need anyway and with few modification it will be blog appropriate. I’m currently emptying out my cabinet of all unnecessary stuff and browsing for best equipment for my needs. Camera will probably be Nikon as I somehow like it little bit better than Canon, now I just have to decide on the model.
  • our long time readers already know that I don’t accept many items for review purposes. There is lots of reasons why, but I’ll leave them for some other post. Trouble is, I didn’t have much time in the last year and a half and those items pilled up and are already stalking me in my dreams. And I’m only talking about products I liked (quite a few even purchased after I used up “review” one) so I’ll be first making order on that front. It will look odd, but for approximately next 2 months blog will be full of reviews of products I got for review purposes. Considering I buy more than 95% of cosmetics it will look strange to me too, but my reasoning goes like this – those companies value my opinion enough to send me their products, so if I like it (still hate writing about meh products) it’s only fair I write about it. I like to endorse companies and PR that don’t immediately put me on the black list after I tell them that sent item or bought, my opinion will stay the same and I won’t rave about something I don’t feel deserves it … like I rave about that many products to begin with.
  • I paused all “testing” posts until I write at least half of the post already in draft.
  • basics posts … I’ll do my best. After 6!!! years, I really owe it to you to write more of those, and skin care posts belong into same category.

I’ll stop rambling now and go write a beauty post. Here are some of the things I’ll be writing in following month or 2, so feel free to let me know which posts interest you the most, what should I mention about the specific product …

6 thoughts on “What happened to Gejba?”

  1. Don’t worry doll, I always have about a dozen draft posts and no time to write and publish them. As another blogger said, life happens. A new baby, a new job, studying for exams, that’s life. Just take your time, we’ll be here :wink:
    Btw, any tips about the home studio will be highly appreciated!

  2. Hi Gejba,
    sometimes it’s definitely necessary to take some time off.
    I’m happy you’re back now and I think it’s a great idea that you want to organize a room which will serve as your working place.This will motivate you even more to blog :w00t: .
    As for the next posts,I’d be very interested to know about the spf Shiseido foundation :happy: .

    • I guess it really s – I now have a lot more drive for the blog. I wish you the same result. :ahug:

      Shiseido SPF in already in draft … just for you.


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