Comparison: Illamasqua Sangers vs. Revlon Matte Really Red

Comparison: Illamasqua Sangers vs. Revlon Matte Really Red packaging

Comparison: Illamasqua Sangers vs. Revlon Matte Really Red

I borrowed few of Maestra’s beauty products to serve as “models” for Gallery images. Among them was Illamasqua Sangers lipstick. As I just recently bought Revlon Matte Really Red I guess comparison was almost unavoidable … and my Facebook friends said I should write about it. :D It’s always a nightmare to capture the right … Read more

Illamasqua Throb collection: Throb (nail varnish), Sangers (lipstick)

Illamasqua Throb collection: Throb, Sangers (swatches)

First Illamasqua’s collection for this year is already here! They launched it in celebration of Saint Valentine and named it Throb. Collection is already available on their web site and consists of: nail polishes: Throb, Scorn, Load (~16 EUR); lipstick: Sangers (~18 EUR); intense lipgloss: Succubus (~15,5 EUR). I do not care much about Valentine’s … Read more

Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless by Parokeets

Review and swatches: Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless

It’s time to cross the threshold and embrace a world of Unadulterated decadence … … with Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless products: cream pigment: Androgen (coral) and Depravity (magenta); pure pigment: Zeitgeist (black shimmer), Beguile (light shimmer) and Berber (auburn shimmer); precision ink: Havoc; nail polish: Taint (stone brown), Kink (bottle green), Vice (deep cerise) … Read more

Review and swatches: 18 products by Illamasqua

There’s still a nice summer sale going on on Illamasqua‘s web site. I decided to show you all the things (18 products) that I have by Illamasqua. Maybe my swatches will help some of you. Creme Pigments: Let’s start with the creme pigments Dab and Mould. Dab is a pale lavender color. It’s very pigmented … Read more

Pin-Up Nails by Maestra

Pin-Up Look with Illamasqua’s Throb collection

I was inspired by Illamasqua‘s newest collection called Throb. I’m not sure, what inspired me in particular. Maybe it was that beautiful promo photo or maybe the colors themselves. Whatever it was, I always like to experiment with make up and this was the first time I’ve tried to do a pin-up look. I can’t … Read more

Skincare giveaway by Parokeets

Parokeets is 6 years old :)

The day has come … we are going to school. Just kidding, but Parokeets blog did turn 6 today … age children in our country start grammar school. 2014 was definitively eventful year for me and blog. Only towards the end of year did I actually manage to really blog again. More time and less … Read more

Alessandro Crystal Punk (Go Magic)

Alessandro Crystal Punk swatches

First time I saw Alessandro Crystal Punk promo photos I knew at least one would be mine. Blue set was my least favorite and turquoise my darling. Other two – I had no clue what would they look in real life. First I received the Alessandro Toxic Turquoise set for review and put in on … Read more

Christmas tree manicure nail polishes used

Christmas manicure and greetings

A lot of Christmas manicures raced through my mind, but in the end I decided to make glitter red manicure with snowman as an accent. But unfortunately my snowman looked more like glitter blob, so I removed it and made Christmas tree with scotch tape instead. :D I used Illamasqua Throb as my base nail … Read more

Essence Snow White trend edition nail polishes

Review and swatches: Essence Snow White trend edition

Aaahhhh – my darling Maestra found full Essence Snow White trend edition stand so I have ALL Snow White nail polishes! I was scared that Snow White would be left without one of her dwarfs … or prince charming or evil queen … :D I wanted this trend edition because of the theme, after all … Read more