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Essie – North Fork collection

Greenport is a creme light blue shade with a hit of green. It’s my favourite shade from this collection! It’s just perfect and I got lots of compliments on this one.

I compared Greenport to Essence’s Groovy, which is way more blue.

Sag Harbor is a interesting greyish blue shade with tiny silver shimmer. Two coats shown in the picture.

I compared this one to St. Barths Blue and Blueberry Crumb, which are both from Essie.

As you can see from the picture, they aren’t even close.

Shelter Island is the last one from North Fork collection. It is creme sky blue shade. Very pretty. Two coats are shown in the picture.

Just so you can imagine how light Shelter Island is, I made a comparison to Essie’s Mesmerize.

This collection is just awesome! All three shades are incredible and so unusual for Essie. Essie, great job!

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  1. :stars: The whole collection of colors is beautiful.  I also love Mesmerize.  I worn Shelter Island but not the other two yet.  I kept staring at my nails all day.  I just couldn’t stop looking at them.  Shelter Island looked really pretty on me.  It just went really nice with my skin tone.  All the colors look very pretty on you. 

  2. shelter island mi je edini vsec :blush:

  3. Tamara, ja z Groovyjem so rahle težave, ker včasih na meni izgleda bolj zeleno včasih pa popolnoma moder. Predvsem je odvisno od svetlobe. In verjetno ima tudi fotoaparat težave. TUKAJ sem pisala o njem in že takrat omenila težave.

    Pri Blueberry Crumb bi samo poudarila, da ima frost finiš in zato je zame no-go.

    Nati in Gejba, hvala!

    anchyka, Shelter Island je resnično čudovit. Izredno lepa modra. In ko sem gledala fotografije, sem tudi sama pomislila isto. Morala bi narediti primerjavo Groovy in Shelter Island, ampak v moji glavi je bil Groovy veliko bolj zelen, a zraven Greenporta izgleda skoraj čisto moder. Bom naredila še to primerjavo in objavila ;) Imam pa občutek, da ima Groovy vseeno več zelene v sebi kot Shelter Island.

    Iz Čarodejke so sporočili, da bo North Fork kolekcija na voljo že jutri ;)

  4. joj, meni je pa shelter island čudovit  :wub:
    po slikah mi izgleda zelo podoben groovyu
    sta si v živo kaj podobna?

  5. Shelter Island res čudovito izgleda na Maestri. Tako kot Tamari, je tudi meni še najbolj všeč Blueberry Crumb. :silly:

  6. Lepoo
    sem imela čast tut v živo videt Maestrin NOTD in moram rečt da ji res paše ta nebeško modra :angel:  na meni bi verjetno izgledalo hecno, ampak lep pa je – ostali tudi.

  7. O the best… v bistvu me noben ne privlaci razen Blueberry Crumb..  Hm hm hmmm…
    Samo tebi pa res plavo pride groovy od Essence, pri meni cisto na zeleno potegne :o!

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