Purple is the color!

I went a little window shopping. I’m looking for a green winter coat. I know it’s a bit early for winter coats, but you know what, better too early than miss a perfect coat for me. :biggrin: So, as I was walking around I realised two things. First, it is indeed a bit early for winter coats and second, there are a lot of purple clothes coming up this fall and winter. Looks like purple is the color for this fall and winter. So here is a lot of purple for you today…

First is my yesterday’s EOTD. I used several Sweetscents and Gosh mineral eyeshadows. I can’t remember which shades I used, because I used a lot of shades and mixed and blended them together.

EOTDEOTDI used my new eyeliner from Bourjois on the waterline. The shade is 54 Bleu Clinquant from the Metallise line. I’m going to write a review about it in near future.

Next is my NOTD with Claire’s nail polishes. The manicure was made in several steps.

First off, I painted my nails with Claire’s nail polish in shade D65. It’s a blurple (blue-purple) color. As you may already know, it’s almost impossible to photograph blurples. They always look too blue in pictures. My pictures are no exception. Although, this blurple is more blue than purple IRL.

Claire' s - D65This is two coats.

Claire' s - D65Than I added one coat of Claire’s B64.

Claire's - D65 + B64At the end I stamped over with Konad IP m21. I used Claire’s B76 nail polish for stamping.

Claire's - D65 + B64 + Konad IP m21 with B76Claire's - D65 + B64 + Konad IP m21 with B76Claire's - D65 + B64 + Konad IP m21 with B76My new giant ring…

Claire's - D65 + B64 + Konad IP m21 with B76My mom’s necklace…

NecklaceAnd one glowy picture for the end… :biggrin:


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  1. :wink:
    You have the most gorgeous eyes. Your lovely eye makeup accentuates them. The manicure is super cute.

  2. What a nice surprise! At first I’d like to say that I really love this website (have to add it to my linklist) and secondly I’m stunned by your Konad nails (so beautiful) and your alluring eye colour. :wub: I hate my boring brown eyes now…:skull:

  3. I really like this! I find it so hard to make that type of flowery Konad pattern look right on my nails! Pretty eyes, too.

  4. What a beautiful eyes do you have?They are very beautiful!!!
    Love stamping on purple! :wink:

  5. Manikuro sem zmatirala in mi ni všeč. Tale mora biti lesketajoča! :cool:

  6. Hihi, jaz sem pa bolj oranžno-rjava. Očitno ne-moderna letos. :silly:

  7. Hude slikce :stars:
    Vijolična pa itak :wub:
    Sem že včeraj iskala cunje in imajo res ogromno v vijolični barvi, najde se še kaj rjavega in zelenega.

  8. Saša, kako barvo las pa maš zdej? :w00t:
    aja, še moj odgovor na vprašanje, kako se razumem z vijolično…ne morem se opredelit! Še nedolgo nazaj je bila vijolična gotovo moja najljubša barva. Zdaj so jo temeljito zamenjali modra in zelena (ki ju btw NIKOLI nisem marala…ampak to pač delajo lakci in senčke očitno :stars:  ) in se v vijolični niti ne počutim toko dobro…ampak bo treba očitno obudit ljubezen do vijole :cool:

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