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Essie - Tangerine

Sitting on an atoll … Coral Reef … having a cute flower in my hair … Geranium … and eating some juicy fruit. Tangerine Mmm … sweet dreams. And what are yours?

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Franken – Not Concrete

Franken - Not Concrete + Claire's

I’ve frankened the perfect slate blue shade ever. It’s a mixture of some S-he polishes. I really don’t know, which ones I used. But the end result is a shade I was dreaming about. I named it Not Concrete. It has tiny shimmer, which is almost invisible. Two coats in the picture. No application issues. I love it! With one ...

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Ladybugs and why I don’t like Konad special polishes

N.Y.C. - Big Apple Red Creme + Chez-Delaney H22

Finally I did a mani that I had in my mind for quite some time now. Ladybugs … N.Y.C. – Big Apple Red Creme – 2 coats Chez-Delaney H22 Konad Special polish – black Essence – High Shine Topcoat Oh well, the idea was great and so was the execution. At least until I put on a coat of top ...

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Tested: Zoya – Minicure: Color Lock System with Roxy

Leva roka po 72ih urah.

Not so long ago I bought Zoya’s Color Lock System in mini size. I guess, you all now it already. I decided, to properly try it out. Here is the whole set. There are five mini sized products in the set: Remove+ (nail polish remover with acetone) Anchor (base coat) Armor (top coat) Hurry Up (fast drying drops) Shiloh (red ...

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One word tag … Goga

Tagged by Maestra One word, hmm… let’s see… 1. Where is your phone? Purse. 2. Your hair? Short. 3. Your Mom? LoveHer. 4. Your Dad? LoveHim. 5. Your favorite meal? Pasta. 6. Your last dream? Don’t remember. People (family) that have passed away. 7. What do you like to drink? Cockta. 8. Your dream? 9. In what room are you? ...

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Zoya – Savita + EOTD

Sweetscents: Crescent Moon, Amethyst, Orchid Opal, Dark Wine, Passionate Pink; Essence Metal Glam EL - On-the-go

Savita is part of Zoya’s Matte Velvet Winter collection and it is a gorgeous matte purple. I mean, I can’t really describe how cool this shade is. It looks definitely like purple velvet on the nails. I love everything about Savita. Pure perfection in purple … The shimmer is a little smaller than in OPI Suede polishes and I love ...

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One word tag … Gejba

I can answer with one word only?!? O deary. Let’s try. 1. Where is your phone? Desk. 2. Your hair? Wavy. 3. Your Mom? Heart. 4. Your Dad? Pillar. 5. Your favorite meal? Zucchini. 6. Your last dream? Scary. 7. What do you like to drink? Water. 8. Your dream? Hmmm … 9. In what room are you? Bedroom. 10. ...

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