Jessica Smoky Feather

From the first time I saw Chanel Graphite I was seriously lemming that shade. But the price of Chanel polishes is pretty high, so I was hesitating. Should I or should I not. Then all of the sudden I saw this perfect dupe for Graphite – Jessica Smoky Feather. And judging from the comparisons, Jessica is little bit more shimmery … and that makes it even prettier in my eyes. Not to mention that it’s half the price of Chanel nail polish. :cute: I started to look all over for this polish and I even contacted our distributor to see if it would be available in Slovenia. I almost stared to hyperventilate when they said that Jessica Peacock Queen LE is already in the stores. :w00t: And Jessica didn’t come out with the Graphite dupe only … they duped the whole Chanel 2011 fall nail polish collection. :silly:

Jessica Peacock Queen promo

Jessica Peacock Queen promo photo courtesy of Jessica

I got together with Maestra for lunch and started to rave about this polish and how we really have to go look for it, that I must have it … You know what she told me? “Oh great, so you’re still hung up on this shade. Good thing as I intended to buy you Smoky Feather as a gift.” :drop: One of the best presents ever! Thank you, Maestra! :ahug:

Jessica Smoky Feather

Jessica Smoky Feather

I was little bit afraid that this shade will let me down, but it is as gorgeous on nails as it is in the bottle. :drool:

Jessica Smoky Feather (swatch) by Parokeets

Jessica Smoky Feather (swatch)

Application was fine, brush also, the only problem was little bit slower drying time. I guess Jessica does not like my INM top coat. :biggrin:

I wore this shade for almost a week, and I plan to wear it again really soon. :love:

I even dedicated short YT video to it. :biggrin:

Any other Chanel Graphite/Jessica Smoky Feather lovers out there? :silly:

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  1. graphite mi je prava divota, lijepo je znat da ima i jeftiniji dupe :yes:

  2. ne morem verjet kako so skopirali kar celo chanelovo kolekcijo:)) meni je bila zelo všeč in sem si kupila tudi graphite – čudovit je. quartz opazujem na svoji sodelavki in me vsakič zamika, da bi kupila še njega…amapk bom z veliko lažjim srcem kupila tale lakec, ki ga je jessica skopirala:)

  3. a ono stvarno… hoću i jaaaaa :ashout:

  4. Je lep, a Chanelov ima tudi tak zelen sijaj?
    Drugače pa imam jaz od Essence magnetni lak v odtenku Hex, hex in mi tudi izgleda podobno, mogoče je malce manj sijoč

    • Nope – zeleno prevleko ima samo pod “daylight” žarnicami. Drugače je veliko bolj siv. Ne vem pa kako izgleda na soncu. Sumim, da je za kameleonsko spreminjane podtona kriv zelo kompleksno zastavljen šimer. :think:
      Hex bi rekla da je veliko bolj “flat” – enostavno nima globine.

    • Sem ravno danes preverila še kako izgleda Graphite pod umetno lučjo in je tudi zelenkast. :yes:

  5. They really released three Chanel-like polishes! :w00t: I just own Graphite, this one is really similar…Maybe just a little bit greener!

  6. WOW! :stars: Mislim … WOW! :stars:

  7. Oh Lord, tegale pa rabim! :drool:

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