Recently new L’Oreal nail polish collection called Color Riche appeared in our stores. This is quite a large collection of mini nail polishes in tall bottles with large brush. I pay 5 EUR for Alessandro minis, but L’Oreal ones … that was kind of pricey. So I waited for the sale and bought few shades that I found to be appropriate for the spring/summer manicures. I already made video review of all five shades.

L'Oreal Color Riche nail polishes
L'Oreal Color Riche nail polishes: Perle de Jade, Innocent Green, Rebel Blue, Rose Bagatelle, Dating Coral

First one I tried out was L’Oreal Rebel Blue (no. 610) nail polish. This blue appealed to me right away as it’s kind of softened blue with tiny shimmer and some kind of purplish sheen to it (light duochrome effect maybe?). Staying power was not fantastic, but it didn’t start chipping until the day 3, so I guess it’s not lousy either. :silly: Brush was little bit hard to work with on the larger fingers, but I can already see that those with narrower fingers will love this “one stroke” brush. Formula was not bad, but I’m kind of surprised to see that it separates very quickly. Not something that really effects formula or application, but still, I rarely see these kind of things in the new nail polish. :think: 2 coats + top coat. Color is more grayed out in reality.

L'Oreal Color Riche - Rebel Blue (610)
L'Oreal Color Riche - Rebel Blue (610) swatch

Did you get any of the new L’Oreal nail polishes? How do you like the brush?

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  1. Mmm, krasna modra! :wub:
    Lake sem že videla v trgovini, a me noben ni pritegnil. Steklenička mi prav tako ni preveč všeč, ker se mi zdi nedodelana in kot nek tester. Cena pa prav tako ni tako ugodna, da bi kar kupila …

  2. Tile laki me zaenkrat še niso pritegnili z nobenim odtenkom. Ko sem prvič pregledala stojalce mi je padel v oko samo zelenkast odtenek, ampak sem vedela takoj, da imam precej podobnih že doma. Izbira se mi zdi preskromna.

  3. I have this polish and I completely loved it as soon as I wore it!!! The colour was so amazing to me. Funny enough, I loved the brush for my nails, and it chipped on day 2 on me!

  4. Tudi jaz sem opazila na veliko L’Oreal lakov, da so faze ločene. Ko to vidim me mine volja ga sploh vzet, ker mi deluje star (pa četudi ni…) :whistle: me pa noben ni premamil, ker so res predragi za bit 5ml, pa tudi barve niso nič novega…

    • Res je hecno, da se to dogaja pri večini njihovih lako. :think: Mene sicer ne moti in še vedno kupim take lake, vendar mi je prav padlo v oči koliko jih je bilo z ločenimi fazami.


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