Alessandro Catch Me limited edition

Fju – Alessandro is keeping me on my toes lately … they’re bringing out new limited editions faster than Essence these days. :biggrin:
I was still checking out Adore Me, when they suddenly launched Catch Me, Glitz&Glam, Crystal Punk and Thermotwist. How in the world am I going to buy everything on my WL if they keep popping one pretty limited edition after another. :shock:

Today I have 2 Alessandro Catch Me nail polish swatches I received for review. I plan to buy at least Enigmatic Poetry (duochrome :love: ) from this LE if nothing else catches my eye, but I seem to be having bad luck with finding it.
There are no testers for Crystal Punk LE so I’m still patiently waiting for swatches to see which set is a must have and we’re not getting Thermotwist LE (and I didn’t manage to spot this LE in Austrian drugstores either) so that one is also on hold.
I guess it’s a good thing that current Essence/Catrice limited editions don’t look that hot to me so I can spend my budget on Alessandro stands. :biggrin:

Alessandro Red Treasure is one of those shades that wouldn’t be my first choice if I were judging only from promotional photographs, but looks like nice elegant red nail polish on the nails. I see slight duochrome in the bottle, but it does not translate onto the nails.
Application was easy, 2 coats + top coat.
I used this nail polish as a base for one of my “Christmas/Winter” manicures. I seriously need more stamping plates as I never have one I need … I finally decided for two images from the plates I don’t really like, but it was either that or repeat myself. :roll: I made stamping more subtle by covering majority of nails with Catrice Bloody Mary To Go nail polish.

Alessandro Catch Me LE Red Treasure nail polish

Alessandro Catch Me LE Red treasure nail polish swatch

Alessandro Red Treasure + A02, C03 fauxnad stamping winter manicure

Red Treasure + A02, C03 fauxnad stamping winter manicure

Second one war nice surprise. Alessandro Sacred Silver is green based nail polish filled with lots of tiny glitter particle. Effect is finish that resembles sparkling molten metal. :wub:
Little bit of ordinary narrow nail art tape, one coat of Red Treasure and my second Christmas manicure was born.

Alessandro Catch Me LE Sacred Silver nail polish

Alessandro Catch Me LE Sacred Silver nail polish swatch

Alessandro Red Treasure + Sacred Silver tape manicure

Alessandro Red Treasure + Sacred Silver tape manicure

I like both nail polishes but Sacred Silver is more special so that is the one I would recommend. And I can’t wait to finally stumble upon full Catch Me stand so I can inspect all the nail polishes and add few more to my collection. :biggrin:
Price: 5 EUR for 5ml.

*I received items for review from Alessandro Slovenija
*EDIT: Flaming Spirit turned out to be Red Treasure. :biggrin:

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  1. Giveaway winner is MrsPetruschka. Congrats!

    Laki bodo tokrat razveseljevali MrsPetruschko. Čestitamo!

  2. Giveaway is now CLOSED. Thank you for your entries. :rose: We’ll announce the winner as soon as possible.

    Giveaway je zaključen. Hvala vsem, ki ste sodelovale. :rose: Lastnico novih Alessandro lepotcev, bom poizkusila razglasiti čim prej.

  3. partecipo con vero piacere
    fb stefy ste
    gfc abellaa
    email abellaa(at)

  4. i am just catching up on my backlog of blogs to read and I am so jealous of your striping tape work, mine are never that crisp.

  5. I love the stamping even the subtle one. Thanks a lot for the giveaway!!

  6. rdeč je pa res čudovit! :yes:
    hvala za give-away! :thumb:

  7. Hello !!! Amazing giveaway, thanks allot. A happy new year !!!

  8. I never tried this brand but i like to try it, maybe after i try it, i can like it ^^
    thanks for the giveaway btw

  9. Francesca Fiordimelo

    Lovely colors: I try to take the chance to test them personally, next year! :)
    Thanks for the give-away, and happy holidays!

  10. I love Sacred Silver! I wonder how it compares to Carbonite/Graphite/etc. It looks quite a bit more green here than those polishes, which I like.

  11. Thank you ladies for the lovely giveaway! Happy Holidays :)

  12. Vse kar lahko rečem je drool, pa še vedno totalno občudujem slikice vseh manikur, na tem blogu so vse tko lepe… :sigh:

  13. Thanks for the giveaway, never tried this nail brand before and the formula looks wonderful

  14. I’ve never tried Alessandro products, but I would love to try them! :love:

  15. Great colors :yes:

  16. Kako noro lepi lakci!!

  17. O super giveaway!
    Pa take lepe barve lakcev :wub:

  18. oh, beautiful colours. please, try a design with the golden nail polish, that would look cool

  19. Prekrasni lakovi i super giveaway!

  20. Jaz pa še nisem preizkusila nobenega Allesandro lakca, ker jih pri nas v Mullerju nimajo. :angry: Mogoče se mi pa nasmehne malo sreče in pridejo na moje poličke :yes: Je pa na mojem seznamu nekaj njihovih artiklov za nego obnohtne kožice, tako da ko pridem do njihovega stojala, bo odšlo z menoj več artiklov, tudi kakšen rdečko verjetno :yes:

  21. Yay! I’d really love to try out Shadow Street. What a beautiful colour!

    These from Catch Me LE are not really my cup of tea, though.

  22. Good giveaway! I have never tried Alessandro nail polishes, hope this is the right time! :yes:

  23. Wow, tole pa je super giveaway :) lakci so prelepi, pa morem tudi pohvaliti manikure, fantasticne kot vedno!!!
    prva s snezinkami mi je najbolj pri srcu :) vesele praznike :D

  24. Super giveaway. Takih lepotcev se pa ne bi branila. :)

  25. fantastic

  26. krasni lakići, zbilja ne bih imala ništa protiv da se nađu u mojoj kolekciji :yes: :nails:

  27. I love the colours. Great giveaway! It’s a shame this brand can’t be found in my country.

  28. Great give away, I would love to test out this brand!

  29. Catch me sem videla v Nami in Limoni Koper. Noro lepi laki.

  30. Super giveaway…mogoč bom pa mela srečo pa dobila prve Alessandro lakce k moji zbirki :wub:

  31. Great giveaway! I have never had Alessandro nail polish, too expensive for me.

  32. I love Nailpolish, these are wonderful colors. :)

    kind regards,
    MrsPetruschka :)

  33. They look great love it especially the red one :)

  34. Hvala za giveaway! Mnogo lepi lakici pogotovo Sacred Silver, divan je :)

  35. Super giveaway, hvala :rose: Crystal Punk modre flejkije sem jaz ravno danes kupila. Na Čopovi je bila zraven zaselotejpana še krema za roke, na Rudniki je bil pa samo komplet lakcev za isto ceno. Tako da se splača pogledati še kje drugje kot na Rudniku :happy:

  36. I like that red is very pretty, thank you for the giveway :wave:

  37. Mnogo su lepi, a posebno mi se dopada zimsko pečatiranje preko Flaming Spirit.

  38. Čudoviti, tudi jaz sem si že ogledovala Alessandrovo stojalo, in nestrpno čakam na plačo, da si privoščim kakega od teh lepotcev :wub:

  39. Odkar nisem več v Ljubljani, sploh ne spremljam več Alessandro kolekcij, ker jih v našem Müllerju nikoli ni. Sacred Silver je res poseben. Mi je pa všeč ta nova kolekcija s krpicami, ampak dvomim, da mi bo prišla pod roke.

  40. OMG ta dva sta pa med top 5 Allesandro laki! :wub: Itak sem sucker za rdeče, drug je pa tudi čudovit :stars: & prva stamping mani je the cutest :nails:

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