Fall fashion inspired nails 2015 by Gejba

Fall trends 2015 (nail polishes)

Trees have already begun their fall colour change, which means that fall is officially here. :wub: This time I have something extra for you. Nika (www.beautyfullblog.si) and Ajda (www.ajdas.com) were my companions in three part...
Top summer nail polishes 2015

Best summer nail polish colours 2015

Over the past month I was slowly picking my favourite and most loved nail polishes this summer. I was aiming for top 5 polishes, but in the end I made top 6 list. :biggrin: At...
Cuticle care and removing

Cuticle care and removing

Cuticle care and how I remove it Judging from number of questions I receive about cuticle care, a lot of us has problem with this necessary menace. Let me make something really clear right at...
Essence Love and Sound LE nail polish

Essence Love&Sound LE

I wasn't anxiously waiting for Essence Love&Sound limited edition, but when I saw it in store I wanted to buy half of it. Nail polishes are sand finish, no glitter which means pure matte...
Tara - tulips manicure 2

Guest post: Tulips in Sunset

I would say Tara is one of the Slovenian beauty bloggers I like the most when in comes to the nail art, but it goes even beyond that - she is one of my...
Isadora Gold Crush 116 snowflakes,snowman

Gold sand nail polish with snowman :)

IsaDora is of of those brands that I like, buy from them all the time, but for some reason just doesn't end up on blog that often. I decided it is time that I...
Top fall-winter nail polishes by Gejba

Top fall-winter nail polishes (2014)

I was given huge task by our Facebook followers - I had to choose best fall-winter nail polishes. Can you imagine polisholick going to the shops and picking out best and if possible universally...