IsaDora Riviera collection (spring 2016)

IsaDora Riviera: mat lips and sparkly eyes

IsaDora Riviera is one of the best surprises among 2016 spring editions. Mat lips, velvet nails and sparkly eyes are bit unusual combination but one that works. Twist-Up Matt lips come in a form of...
Alessandro Cosmic Chic polishes big

Alessandro Cosmic Chic (spring 2016)

Every year when I see upcoming spring editions in my mail box I get to urge to high-five the world. My favourite season is coming! No need for coat any more, sun is still...
Avon Modern Romance collection nail polishes

Avon Modern Romance nail polish collection

Avon Modern Romance nail polish collection really impressed me. It had been a long time since company brought out such a wearable nail polish collection AND combined it with fantastic formula. All of the nail...
Jessica - Sherbet 390

Shop my stash: Jessica – Sherbet (NOTD)

I will be completely honest with you. After giving birth to my beautiful baby boy, I have neglected my huge stash of nail polishes and I neglected my nails as well. There were months...
Alessandro Velvet Red (Pret-a-Porter) + Manhattan 570 Club Nights layering

Ideas for simple and quick New Year’s Eve party manicure

I dedicated my free time in the last few months 2015 to my fellow Slovenian beauty bloggers (deserved and long overdue) and am announcing that whole January is now officially yours, dear readers. But let...
Fall fashion inspired nails 2015 by Gejba

Fall trends 2015 (nail polishes)

Trees have already begun their fall colour change, which means that fall is officially here. :wub: This time I have something extra for you. Nika ( and Ajda ( were my companions in three part...
Top summer nail polishes 2015

Best summer nail polish colours 2015

Over the past month I was slowly picking my favourite and most loved nail polishes this summer. I was aiming for top 5 polishes, but in the end I made top 6 list. :biggrin: At...
Cuticle care and removing

Cuticle care and removing

Cuticle care and how I remove it Judging from number of questions I receive about cuticle care, a lot of us has problem with this necessary menace. Let me make something really clear right at...

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