CND – Sour Apple and everything that goes with itCND – Sour Apple in vse, kar spada zraven

How to wear good such a unusual shade like CND’s Sour Apple? Let me just quick remind you, how Sour Apple looks like… It is really an unusual shade and so eye caching. I wore it to a formal “prireditev” and I had to match my outfit with this vibrant light green. What I did? […]

CHI – Hypnotized and a FOTDCHI – Hypnotized in FOTD

I don’t know if it is just me or am I really really into greens lately :blush: Today I also have something green for you. This time it is a fresh light green shade, which will be great for spring and summer. It’s CHI‘s Hypnotized. I apologize for a not very good photo, in which […]