Readers request: Lime Green comparisonŽelje bralcev: Kateri lak je podoben laku Jessica – Viva La Lime Lights?

I showed you a konadicure made with Jessica’s Viva La Lime Light HERE. In the comments Elchy asked, if there’s any polish similar to VLLL. I went through my stash. Here’s what I came up with … Unfortunately no dupes found in my stash. :ermm: Although VLLL is a lot warmer than other mint greens […]

CND – Sour Apple and everything that goes with itCND – Sour Apple in vse, kar spada zraven

How to wear good such a unusual shade like CND’s Sour Apple? Let me just quick remind you, how Sour Apple looks like… It is really an unusual shade and so eye caching. I wore it to a formal “prireditev” and I had to match my outfit with this vibrant light green. What I did? […]

It’s time for clubbingIt’s Time For Clubbing

Today I have some sugestions for “clubbing appropriate” make-up and nail polishes. First is the green make-up… For this make-up I used NYX’s Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in shade Dark Brown as eyeshadow base. It is creme dark brown shade. Than I applied Sweetscents mineral eyeshadows: Green Ice, Spearmint Glow, Shamrock, Black Shimmer and Satin Slipper. […]