Sweetscents: Christmas 2008 collection – part 4

The 4th part of Sweetscents Christmas collection review is dedicated to Autumn Splendor trio – three pretty fall colors.

I’m still note sure if Quaint is more brown or violet, so I’ll just call it violet-brown. This intriguing eyeshadow changes its color depending on lighting. I blame multicolor shimmer for my color blind moment.

Sweetscent - Quaint

Quaint has more cold colored shimmer, while Fall and KIA have more goldish one.

I like KIA more than Fall, since it’s more pigmented and finely milled.

Sweetscents - KIA

I don’t use Fall very much. My main problem with this eyeshadow is its poor adhesion. Shimmer stays put for a while, but base just disappears.

For the end – Maestras make-up with Fall, Edge, Satin Slipper and Begonia eyeshadows.

Sweetscents - Begonia, Edge, Fall, Satin Slipper

Sweetscents - Begonia, Edge, Fall, Satin Slipper

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