H&M – Material Girl, swatch and review

By Mamy

I’m impressed with H&M nail polishes. If you ran into them, I recommend you try them out.

Today I have for you Material Girl. Color? Hmm – it’s not really red or pink or coral and it has purple shimmer. You better see for your self.

H&M: Material Girl, bottle swatch
H&M – Material Girl

Cyclamen color? What do you think? You can see the purple shimmer in the bottle.

H&M - Material Girl

I could not stop staring at it.   It’s very lively color. Put it in shade and it’s still beautiful and it shines even without the sun. Polish is very opaque so one layer can be enough. I applied two. I give this polish perfect score for the application.

H&M - Material Girl, swatch
H&M – Material Girl, sun
H&M - Material Girl, swatch
H&M – Material Girl, shadow

This missy is multicolored too.

Petunija, Petunia
Petunija, Petunia

And this mister also…


I always seek for comparable colors in the nature.

Thank you for your attention.

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5 thoughts on “H&M – Material Girl, swatch and review”

  1. Zelo lep odtenek.
    Zadnjič sem v H&M v Ljubljani videla pri blagajni neke lakce ampak so bili majhni flaške pa okrogle (pakirani po 4 skupaj).


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