MNY 265

I got MNY 265 and 761 besides MNY 145 polish. How I adore those cute little numbers instead of names … not. 

MNY polishes: 265, 761, 145 bottles
MNY from L to R: 265, 761, 145

MNY 265 is one of those hard to name berry shades – it’s pink one minute and almost red the other. But three layers seem to make the shade more red.

Polish is quite watery, so two layers won’t completely cover visible nail line. What makes this polish special is holographic glitter. 

They didn’t use much glitter, but it’s there.

MNY 265 swatch
MNY 265 (2 layers): sunlight

I used top coat in both photos.

MNY 265 swatch
MNY 265 (3 layers): lightbox

Polish was bought in German DM. Price for 7ml is 1,95 EUR.

14 thoughts on “MNY 265”

  1. This colour is super pretty on top of the black! :D <3 The red dosen't show up sp good, but it gives a redish tint. the glitters and the spakrle show up so well ! <3 I love it :D

  2. I really hate it when cosmetics companies name their colors in simple numbers. It doesn’t draw me to it and telling my friends “oh its so and so’s 648635327” (OK so that is excessive but still) is just lame.

  3. I don’t like the MNY Polishes that much but 265 (I hate these numbers!) is a really nice color, I love that one :)


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