Preview: Manhattan Colour Collection 2 nail polishes

A while ago I was browsing through Manhattan’s web page when I spotted new LE – Colour Collection 2. Of course nail polishes interested me the most.

Preview: Manhattan Colour Collection 2 nail polishes
photos used in collage are courtesy of Manhattan

101V, 87D and 78T are my favorites, but I wouldn’t turn down 69T, 56I and 34U. :D

Colors are definitely more my style than those in Colour Collection 1. I prefer their “large” bottles, but I like these color enough to rough it out with their mini brush.

Did any of Slovenian girls spot them in our country?

Do you already own polish from this collection? Have any tips for me which ones to get and which ones to avoid?

8 thoughts on “Preview: Manhattan Colour Collection 2 nail polishes”

  1. In Austria we got the grey, teal, mauve and berry one sice October. Only the green and the orangy-red one are missing, but maybe the two of them are already here, I haven’t checket yet. I myself bought the mauve and the berry polish. I love both of them, great colours for fall and aplication was also ok (2 coats).

  2. Jako lijepo izgledaju samo sam se ja razočarala kvalitetom Diamonds kolekcije tako da me ovo unatoč lijepim bojama ne vuče da kupim. Za te novce bi lak trebao na noktima izdržat barem dan-dva, a ovaj moj se za par sati uništio.  :smell:


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