Magnetic: nail polish display

Remember how I drooled over Magnetic catalog and my WL was getting longer and longer?

On top of my list I wrote down – nail polish display (30 bottles). What can I say – it was love at first site. :D Clean shape, functional and perfect size for housing all my top, base coats & com on my desk.

Display is made from clear plastic and comes disassembled. You screw on 4 screws and voila – nail polish display is ready.

Dimensions – width: 21,5cm, height: 19cm, depth: 20.

It’s 5 stories high. I used CND, Catrice, China Glaze, Diamond Cosmetics polishes to demonstrate how many polishes fits in a row. I have to get myself more of Magnetic polishes … just to fill out the row of course.

Magnetic: nail polish display (front)

I love little fences that keep polishes exactly where they should be.

Side view of the stand and my “not so pretty” sofa. :

Magnetic: nail polish display (side)

As much as I loved the display I hated taking photos of it. Result: take a look at cross-eyed photo of my nail treatments … who finally got their wish for a permanent home and stopped hiding in drawers, boxes …

Magnetic: nail polish displayPrice is not wallet friendly – 34 EUR (44 USD), but it is exactly what I was looking for, so I bought it.

In Slovenia you can buy Magnetic products at Studio Maya.

And Merry Christmas for all our Orthodox readers. Hope you’re having fantastic time with your loved ones.

24 thoughts on “Magnetic: nail polish display”

  1. Luštna zadeva, samo meni je takšno stojalo premajhno za lake in vseeno zavzame preveč prostora. Je pa seveda zelo lepo videti lake takole na razstavi. :wub:

      • A še večji od tistega tavelikega? ta bo pa res huge :w00t: .
        Sem ravno danes v Lidlu gledala take omarice s steklenimi vrati ki naj bi bile za zbiratelje, bi si ga najraje kupila, ampak me je strah da bi domači vidli koliko lakov v resnici imam :silly: .

        • Mene je pri tistih omaricah skrbelo, da ne bodo zdržale teže lakov … tako majhna pa spet ni. :think:
          Jope – tole je zelo visoko, a tudi ozko. Bomo videli kako se bo obneslo. :biggrin:


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