Visit to beauty fair in Zagreb (Croatia)

On the 12th of March I visited cosmetics fair in Zagreb with two other Parokeets ladies – Goga and Mamy. We said that the focal point of the visit to Zagreb is their fair but that was just and excuse … we spent most of the time chatting and visiting Inglot. :D

Vesna from Beauty Addict blog met us at train station. Really great girl that dedicated most of the Sunday to us. She showed us Zagreb, taught us how to use their tramway system … And since she addicted us to Inglot it seemed fitting that we visit the crime site together. 

It was already afternoon when we reached the Beauty Days cosmetics fair. Cute and small fair that was a lot nicer than Slovenian version. Entrance as a lot cheaper and they offer 30% refund for train ticket from Slovenia. 

Here is what I liked the most:

YouNails with very nice selection of nail polishes.

Dani Ljepote 2011: You Nails
Beauty Days 2011: You Nails

Lots of Konad plates … and they were not expensive either – 2,6 EUR.

Dani Ljepote 2011: Konad
Beauty Days 2011: Konad

China Glaze polishes with poor selection but affordable price – 3,8 EUR.

Dani Ljepote 2011: China Glaze
Beauty Days 2011: China Glaze

And my favorite corner … SpaRitual polishes. If they weren’t selling them for 10 EUR (15ml bottle) I would have bought more of these beauties.

Dani Ljepote 2011: Spa Ritual - minis
Beauty Days 2011: Spa Ritual – minis
Dani Ljepote 2011: Spa Ritual - Imagine
Beauty Days 2011: Spa Ritual – Imagine
Dani Ljepote 2011: Spa Ritual - Kaleidoscope
Beauty Days 2011: Spa Ritual – Kaleidoscope
Dani Ljepote 2011: Spa Ritual - Believe
Beauty Days 2011: Spa Ritual – Believe

Fair was really small so we finished with browsing in less than an hour. This is where Ana from Maybe’s New Start blog joined us. Another fantastic girl.  We then headed for Avenue Mall – more accurately to Sephora in the mall. One experience I hope not to repeat in the near future … or ever. Crowded store with sellers that thing they’re security guards who glue themselves to shoppers, with dirty stands and if you add unpleasant smells and heat … I quickly picked up Too Faced palette, payed for it and promptly left the store. Yeah – I really wanted my mini Too Faced Shadow Insurance. :D

After that experience down time was very much needed so we went to the coffeehouse and chatted for a while.

Fantastic day that I wouldn’t mind repeating. Big thanks to both of the lovely ladies that made our day.

I do not have any pretty photo of my haul, so I guess it was either ugly or no photo … I decided to show you the ugly one.  :D

Zagreb haul: Inglot, SpaRitual, Too Faced by Parokeets
Zagreb haul: Inglot, SpaRitual, Too Faced

We’re preparing whole series of reviews and swatches of Inglot products, but I have no idea when will they be ready. We have so little time that everything is only half done. Good thing we still have time to actually use them.

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28 thoughts on “Visit to beauty fair in Zagreb (Croatia)”

  1. Samo 2 lakca? :w00t: :w00t:

    Sem gledala samo prvo slikco 10min in že naštela približno 20 odtenkov, ki bi jih mela, zato te tako težko razumem, da si nisi malce več privoščila :happy:

  2. I was going to go to Zagreb beauty fair but the whole fair is organized for salon owners and people that are into nails.
    After seeing the program I decided ti was a waste of my time and never went
    But happy to see they had china glaze nail polish at a good price

  3. You’re so lucky to have those gorgeous stores near you!!
    Some stores are starting to sell China Glaze and OPIs here in Spain at €16 a bottle. SIXTEEN FRIGGIN’ EUROS!!! I feel sooo envious when I read how cheap they were at that fair. I got my little stash from Ebay.

  4. why doesnt the uj do things like this…envy lol

    i hope you had fun! thanks for sharing xxx

    /Hugs :yes:


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