Golden Rose 226 konadicure

Meet the main actors in todays post. :cool:

From L to R: Golden Rose 226, CND Eskimo Kiss and Essence Love of my life

From L to R: Golden Rose 226, CND Eskimo Kiss and Essence Love of my life

Co-actors are two of the Chez-Delaney plates H 21 and H 28, I already showed you HERE.

I used Golden Rose 226 nail polish as a base. This is a dark red creme shade. I presume it will look brownish in shorter and darker days ahead of us. As you can see its still streaky after two coats. I used top coat too.

Golden Rose 226

I could not resist my new nail art plates, so I decided to use no. H 28. On pinky and index finger I used Essence – Love of my life polish. But something was missing, so I switched to CND Eskimo kiss shade (middle finger). Then it occurred to me that problem was not in the polish but the image I was using. It was little bit too much for me with the chosen base polish. Ring finger got image from H 21 plate made with CND polish.

Golden Rose 226, CND Eskimo Kiss in Essence Love of my life; Chez Delaney H28, H21

I liked the combination of waves and CND Eskimo Kiss so experimenting is finished … for today. :biggrin:

I guess today is the day for konad-skittles. :silly:

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  1. Jaz sem svojega kupila na Ebayu. Pri nas sem jih videla na manikurnem otočku v Super Novi (LJ).

  2. Kje se kupijo te CND laki? :rose:

  3. Lepo :)
    Pa ta temno rdeč lak, ki si ga uporabila kot bazo mi je zelo všeč. Kje si ga pa kupila?

  4. Thank you girls. :rose:

    I must admit I’m already thinking of ordering again from this site. :blush:

  5. wow!! i love the plate u used…

  6. :nails: Love the base color. The stamps are beautiful. I like the combination of images on your fingers.

  7. I must say I really liked these plates. Couple a days ago, I got set I ordered from Ebay – they’re so boring it’s not even funny.

  8. Uf, rožice so krasne. Eksimček seveda prav tako. <3

  9. I want to get some of those plates :) Seems like they worked very well for you. The designs look very crisp. :)

  10. Gejba, tole ti je res uspelo :stars: :drop:

  11. Gejba, zelo lepo. :nails:

  12. He, he , he. Sem videla, da je tvoj današnji Konad na podobno vižo … samo da so tvoje rožice lepe.


  13. Všeč mi je vzorec, razen tisti na prstancu… :blush: Nisem vedela, da so tile Essence lakci tako uporabni. Moram ga nabavit, takoj ko ga kje zagledam. :nails:

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