Essence – Go Snow Trend Edition – nail polishes

Essence is spoiling us right now with a new Trend Edition called Go Snow. Light pastel colors dominate in the collection. If you love blue, pink and lilac pastels, then Go Snow is just for you. I have some pictures of nail polishes to show to you.

Essence - Go Snow: Alpine Snow, Frostbite and Snow Bunny

Essence – Go Snow: Alpine Snow, Frostbite and Snow Bunny

They’ve reused the bottle design again. We’ve seen the same bottles in the Summer Of Love Trend Edition.

Bottle comparison: Go Snow vs. Summer Of Love

Bottle comparison: Go Snow vs. Summer Of Love

Frost and pearl finish. The addition of larger shimmer to frost finish. Not that good coverage. Meh … Not the best collection.

Essence - Go Snow: Alpine Snow, Frostbite and Snow Bunny

Essence – Go Snow: Alpine Snow, Frostbite and Snow Bunny

Snow Bunny is a pastel pink with frost and pearl finish.

Frostbite is a pastel lilac with shimmery frost finish, which don’t look too good together. It’s a bit sheer.

Alpine Snow is a pastel blue with the same properties as the Frostbite.

All are shown with three coats.

If I had to describe the collection in one word, it would be: “Boring!”

If I could use more than one word to describe it, than I’d say: The shades alone aren’t that special, but not that wrong either. I’m sure that some of you are going to love the pastels. However, they didn’t impress me. I mean, they are going to be great base colors for future konadicures, but that’s all. I’m just not into frost and pearl finish and above all I’m not into semi sheer polishes. So, Go Snow is not my favourite collection. But if you are in such pastel colors … than Go Snow is just the right collection for you!

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  1. Moram priznati da ne volim te ‘frosty’ lakove. Jednostavno mi ne stoje, a ni izbor boja mi nije neki. :/ 50′s Fever kolekcija mi je bila odlična, odmah sam si kupila 2 laka iz nje, hehe, ali ovo me se nije dojmilo. Ali, bit će još kolekcija. :)

  2. Punce mene pa zanima kako shranjujete vaše lakce?  :think:  :wink:

  3. I like the pink polish.

  4. Those snowflake bottles are the cutest, pity the polish is so sheer

  5. yardsticks 4 lunatics

    I agree on the “boring”…maybe is used over a really bright creme??? 

  6. It’s a shame they’re so sheer, I’m sure that if they’d been a little more pigmented they would have looked fantastic :think:

  7. i like pastels but that seems waaay sheer :think:

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