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Tutorial: Glitter Iron-on Foil

Do It Yourself - Glitter Iron-on Foil

Yesterday I went to a local craft store to buy some felt. Along with desired felt I bought a cool glitter iron-on foil. It’s a foil to decorate textiles. You cut it in desired shape(s) and then iron it on a piece of fabric. I had to try it out today. That’s what I created … For all of you, ...

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Catrice – Blue’s Brother swatch

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer swatch - Blue's Brother

After I saw Mamy’s swatch of Catrice Blue’s Brother polish, I knew I had to have it.     Our very kind Mamy was once again my fairy godmother. Catrice Blue’s Brother is one of the rare polishes I’m willing to forgive frost finish. I simply love this blue based polish with almost turquoise shimmer. Since my camera hates blue-green colors, ...

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Zoya Harley from darksome


Yesterday I had especially beautiful day. Postman brought me something unexpected. In cute package I received lovely letter and Zoya Harley polish. It turned out Darksome was my fairy godmother.Včeraj je bil še posebej lep dan. Da ti poštar prinese paket, ki ga ne pričakuješ... V skrbno zavitem paketku je bil poleg lepih besed še lak Zoya Harley. Dobra vila je bila darksome. Seveda ga je bilo treba takoj preizkusiti.

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New: CommentLuv added

How to use CommentLuv on Parokeets blog

We added new plugin on our blog – CommentLuv. What does it do? If you check the box of CommentLuv option and you have added URL of your site when you registered to our blog, link of your last post will be added to your comment. You can check if your URL is added if you follow these links: Site ...

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CATRICE TE Pastel Delight lipsticks

CATRICE Pastel Delight lipsticks Pink Lilac

Thanks to our Mamy  I got  from Pastel Delight TE 2 lipsticks Pastel Pink and Pastel Lilac. They are both in my favorite colours. At the moment Catrice cosmetics are not available in our country, but you can buy it at out neighbours in Austria or Croatia. Price per lipstick is 3€. Since those 2 lipsticks are from TE you ...

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Ciate Paint Pots: Boudoir and Snatch, comparison

Ciate Paint Pots:Boudoir, Snatch, comparison

Since I love red nail polishes I hoarded a lot of them over the time. I’ve been going through my collection and found a lot of LE shades so I won’t be describing those. Together we’ll take a look at other red polishes. I hope you’ll enjoy the voyage. I was sure these two polishes were not alike. Well – ...

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Look what I found in a 75 cent shop!

Haul: Fauxnad B29 and Bichun - 644

Although it’s called the 75 cent shop, these items weren’t 75 cents each. Actually they were 2€ each. But to find a Fauxnad (and a teal polish) in a store here it’s a miracle! There were four or five different Fauxnad plates. I bought only one, because I didn’t have more cash with me and they don’t take credit cards. ...

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