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Maestra’s summer vacation – day 3

Maestra's summer vacation - day 3 - trip to Novalja

Hello there. Yesterday my BF and I went on a short trip to Novalja. We took a walk along the coast. Of course I took a lot of pictures and here are some that I’d like to show to you … My OOTD … I don’t know, what I was pointing at. The manicure and pedicure was still Nfu.Oh – ...

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Review: Viva La Nails nail art accessories

Viva La Nails nail art

Viva La Nails Internet store with nail art supplies sent us some of their products for a review. We got rhinestones, fabric flowers, glitter … … nail stickers and water decals. Water decals were something new for me – it’s a good thing that they have Youtube instruction movie on the site or I would have no clue what to ...

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Giveaway: Essence Eclipse and Return To Paradise

Essence: Eclipse and Return To Paradise Giveaway at Parokeets

A lot of our readers has a huge lemming for some of the Essence Eclipse or Return To Paradise items. We decided to have mini giveaway and make at-least one of our followers wish come true. We chose three items from each TE: Eclipse: Undead and Hide Bella Hide polishes + Lunch At Cullen’s lip gloss; Return To Paradise polishes: ...

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Maestra’s summer vacation – day 2

Maestra's summer vacation - day 2

That’s how Maestra looks like when she’s going to the beach. Maestra’s must haves for the beach: Nike cap, sunglasses, large towel, deckchair and a bag full of more must haves … … a good book (right now Terry Prattchet – Light Fantastic), different sunscreens, lip gloss with SPF protection, iPod (mine is really old), good headphones (I like Sennheiser). ...

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Sweet Blog Awards!

Sweet Blog Award

Beautyaddict, Mancina Se Štima and Pink_Diamond tagged us for Sweet Blog Award. The rules: Give this award to 10 sweet bloggers. Make a post about the award including the picture and mention the person who gave it to you. Put the award on your blog. Let your nominated 10 know you’ve awarded them by leaving a comment. I tag following ...

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Comparison: Essence Back To Paradise vs. p2 Dangerous

Essence Back To Paradise vs. p2 Dangerous comparison

Comparison between Essence Back To Paradise (Return To Paradise TE) and p2 Dangerous is a readers request: Dani Thanks for the swatches! Do you have the naillaquer “dangerous” of p2? I’m dying to see a comparison between “dangerous” and “back to paradise”. Since I already had p2 Dangerous on nail wheel I added Essence Back To Paradise next to it. ...

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Maestra’s summer vacation – day 1

Maestra's summer vacation 2010 - day-1

Hello dear readers! Last week was very stressful for me. Especially because I couldn’t sleep well and because of some family drama. Now it’s finally all over and my BF and I are enjoying our summer vacation at the beach. I slept almost half of the day today. I hope I’ll manage to sleep trough the night. I have a ...

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