Monthly Archives: August 2010

Review and swatches: Essence We Saw It First Trend Edition

Essence: We Saw It First nail polishes (bottles)

After a month of delay Essence We Saw It First (WSIF) TE finally reached our drugstores. If I understand Essence correctly – then this collection is preview of new products that will reach our stores this fall as part of the regular line. Our kind Saša managed to find all four polishes and matte top coat for me. What Do ...

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Nail polish party

Polish party - details

We had party yesterday at my place. And for all intense and purposes we could name it “nail polish party”. Female half spent most of the time choosing the nail polish and then manicuring our nails. You probably recognized most of the shades we used: Essence Surferama, OPI Catch Me In Your Net, Flormar 410. The only new shade is ...

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Swatches and review: Color Club polishes

Color Club polishes

Slovenian Color Club importer Nail Spa sent us some of the their products for review. Let’s take a look at the polishes that we received. Today’s post will be dedicated to the color polishes. We have to try out nail art polish and top coat more before we write a review … especially top coat needs to be taken for ...

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FOTD: Everyday Green

Sweetscents: Golden Green, Imani, Egyptian Sands + Alverde Silky Grey

Goga and Maestra joined forces to shape my eyebrows. They did such a great job, that I simply had to show you the end result. Then again, we laughed so much will styling the brows, that I’m glad I have any left. Make-up is nothing special – everyday MU with mostly green eyeshadows and Alverde Silky Grey in the crease. ...

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MNY 265

MNY polishes: 265, 761, 145 bottles

I got MNY 265 and 761 besides MNY 145 polish. How I adore those cute little numbers instead of names … not.  MNY 265 is one of those hard to name berry shades – it’s pink one minute and almost red the other. But three layers seem to make the shade more red. Polish is quite watery, so two layers ...

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Green and Purple EOTD: Would U Dare to Wear?

Products: Green and Purple EOTD: Would U Dare to Wear?

I was watching some Petrilude’s you tube videos and got inspired. Not by any particular look, I just felt like doing something bold … different … with combination of lots of colors. And I had in mind a combination of purple, red-brown and green. Here’s what I created … I used quite a lot of products. NYX – Jumbo Eyeshadow ...

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