Nail polish party

We had party yesterday at my place. And for all intense and purposes we could name it “nail polish party”. Female half spent most of the time choosing the nail polish and then manicuring our nails.

Nail polish party - group photo

You probably recognized most of the shades we used: Essence Surferama, OPI Catch Me In Your Net, Flormar 410. The only new shade is Golden Rose Multi Dimension no. 11. All the images were made with multipurpose CND Eskimo Kiss.

Nail polish party - details

We laughed a lot. Most of the time to the statement our “better” half had about nail polishes, whole polish procedure (they compared it to painting cars) … And they got crash course in top and base coats, limited editions, gel nails, finishes … Somehow I don’t think they had as much fun as we did.

Hope you had great weekend too.

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  1. wow.. this is cool.. every weekend me and my friends do some videoke session and before the party start we do  some nail polish session.. were most of my friends i did there nails… LOL and theyre loving it…


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