Monthly Archives: December 2010

Merry Christmas…


Today is magical day. OK, let’s forget about weather that is nothing like winter weather should be. Outside is raining, we have fog, autumn temperatures … But it can’t be helped – we can not control the weather. Maybe we’ll have snowflake or two tomorrow – who knows. Dear readers, I wish you Merry Christmas. My mom always told me ...

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Review and swatches: Essence – Black and White TE (nail polishes)

Essence Black and White polishes: Make Me Holo, White Hype, Black Out

New Essence Black and White Trend Edition is already in the stores. And as the name suggests, everything consists of two colors – black and white. Collection includes: white and black eyeshadow, duo white and black eye pencil, black and white lip pencil, eyelashes, black and white nail stickers, nail file and last but not least black, white and “holographic” ...

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Flormar Holographic polish no.804

Flormar Holographic polish no.804 swatch

A while ago Mademoiselle C. sent me Flormar Holographic polish no. 804. I hope this beauty will lift her spirits up … at least a little bit after all the difficulties she had with the technical side of her blog. Flormar Holographic collection consists of duochrome, holo glitter polishes … but fine holo particles are few and far in between. ...

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New Essence image plate!

Essence - Stampy set

A few days ago I discovered a new (to me) Essence image plate. I don’t know how long it’s been available now, but it’s for sure new to me. It’s included in the Stampy Set. It seams that Essence changed the content of the Stampy Set. The old set contained a round image plate and the new image plate is ...

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Illamasqua’s Christmas present

Swatch: Illamasqua: medium pencil Severe

Illamasqua surprised us with a Christmas present!!! Here’s what we got … We got a medium pencil. The shade is Severe. It’s a nice deep wine red color. I just got the pencil yesterday and didn’t have the time to play with it yet. I’ll definitely try to incorporate it in an make up look and I’ll try it as ...

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Review and swatches: Catrice – Glamourama

Swatch: Catrice - Glamourama: En Vogue, Drama, Baby!

Glamourama is a limited edition by Catrice. The collection as a whole didn’t impress me. It’s nice, but nothing special. I bought two eyeshadows and one nail polish. The eyeshadows are nice and well pigmented. I don’t have any complaints about them. The limited edition eyeshadows are bigger than the ones from the regular line, but the price in Germany ...

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Review and swatches: Alverde – My Best Friend LE (lipsticks)

Swatch: Alverde - My Best Friend LE - lipsticks Nadja, Kathrin, Tula

I came across the new limited edition display by Alverde. The collection is called My Best Friend. I swatched almost everything in the store (there were no testers for the gel eyeliners) and at the end I “only” bought three lipsticks. I mean, the eyeshadow palettes were heavily pigmented and they felt nice. I was tempted to buy at least ...

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