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Catrice LE – Urban Baroque, swatches

Catrice Limited Edition: Urban Baroque is currently sold in neighboring Croatia. This LE is all about soft, pastel shades. If you like nude look, then this is LE for you.

After I saw promo material, I knew I had to have lipsticks. :lips:

Catrice_Limited_Edition_Urban_BaroquePolishes look a lot alike … except the last one.

Pearls & Chains: very sher pearl shade with hardly visible pink and blue shimmer.

Rock Barock: a little bit more creme colored than first one, sheer, same shimmer.

Princes & Ballerina: sheer pink shade with same hardly noticeable shimmer.

Biscuits & Cupcakes: sheer coral to dirty pink shade with same shimmer.


Catrice LE Urban Baroque: Pearls&Chains, Rock Barock, Princess&Ballerina, Biscuits&Cupcakes

Catrice lipsticks are once again fantastic, moisturizing and with lovely scent.

Catrice_LE_Urban_Baroque_Marie_Antoinette_Elisabeth_Victoria, swatch

Catrice LE Urban Baroque: Marie Antoinette, Elisabeth, Victoria

This time they come with pretty names. :yes:

Marie Antoinette: slightly coral shade.

Elisabeth: gentle, sheer purple color.

Victoria: the most lively one in soft brick red color.

I hope you liked the swatches and that they’ll help you decide what are must have products from this LE. :wave:

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  1. Meni je pa ful všeč zadnji, Biscuits&Cupcakes lakec in vse tri šminke in
    bi si jih z največjim veseljem kupila in me zanima če se to da kupit pri nas
    u Slo.?
    Lake vem da imajo u Mullerju, šmink pa nisem še vidla

  2. imam sva tri ruza i obozavam ih :wub: a lakovi mi nisu bili bas po gustu, a i nekako su preprozirni

  3. Medtem ko mi laki sploh niso všeč, pa mi je Victoria fantastična!

  4. U šminke :), prvi dve sta zanimivi…

  5. O ja, šminke bi imela kar vse po vrsti… :wink:

  6. Darling… where can we find catrice in croatia?
    one of my friend now is in zagreb…

  7. kakšna lepa kolekcija :) škoda da je nimamo v sloveniji :(

  8. princess & ballerina i elizabeth :thumb:

  9. Love this shades!!
    Expecially the lipsticks!

  10. Awws,Marie Antoinette is so pretty!Hope this TE will come to Hungary as well.

  11. Vse bi imela… :hmm: Kako je pa kaj na Hrvaškem priti do LE kolekcij? A so razprodane v prvem dnevu ali dveh al so dlje časa na voljo? :undecided:

  12. Vse tri šminke so mi všeč in bi jih z velikim veseljem imela. :yes: Laki pa niso moj stil.

  13. Brez lakov kamot preživim, šminke paaaa :w00t: Vse tri so lepe :love:

  14. Marie Antoinette izgleda PREČUDOVITO. :wub:

  15. Skipped the polishes but had to have all the lipsticks! :)

  16. Marie Antoinette is so pretty! And I like Biscuits&Cupcakes.

  17. lakci mi niso,šminke so pa ful kjut :yes:

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