Manhattan LE Colour Collection 2 with Nubar nail polishes

Gejba already wrote a quick post about Manhattan LE Colour Collection 2. I bought three of the six polishes in this collection.

Polish with the name …well number: :whistle:

69F: is polish in fashionable taupe color … to light for my taste.


Manhattan 69F

78T: blue shade with a little bit of turquoise in it.


Manhattan 78T

101V: gray polish, interesting, pretty.


Manhattan 101 V

I used two layers on all the photos. I liked the brush, application was easy. Bottles hold 7ml of polish. They’re just thick enough and are OK pigmented. All photos taken in sunlight.

Pretty shades … but boring. :haha:

I like my manicure to be noticed, to sparkle … How to achieve the desired effect? Piece of cake. I’m lucky enough to own bunch of polishes that could do the job. :bow:

I can not say that I do not like the polishes, but I like them a lot more in the following photos. :drop:


Manhattan 69F + Nubar Jewel


Manhattan 78T + Nubar Sky Sparkle


Manhattan 101V + Nubar Goldy

I’ll let the details to tell the story this time. I really have nothing to add. I was impressed. :pic:

Greetings from very cold country at the moment. :wave:

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  1. moder past dol :thumb:

  2. Manhattnovi laki mi načeloma niso všeč ampak ta tvoja kombinacija z Nubarjem je pa enkratna, sploh prva dva swatcha :wub: .

  3. Thanks for all your lovely comments. I’m glad you also like the Nubar’s over Manhattan.

  4. I actually love the blue, both alone and with the Nubar over it. They’re all beautiful with the sparkles though.

    If you haven’t already, consider stopping by my blog and entering my Katy Perry Collection Give away.

  5. The first manicure looks amazing with the Nubar Jewel over it!

  6. nemam riječi, boje su lijepe ali u kombinaciji s gliterom – ubijaju :stars:

  7. Yes, much better with the Nubar topcoats.

  8. Taupe in moder lak res postaneta glamurozna z Nubarjevo pomočjo. Super kombinaciji!! V bistvu vseh treh, ampak tadva sta mi še posebej všeč.

  9. Oh I do love the grey and the blue! One polish is never enough anymore
    Stacie xoxox

  10. sva tri su puno bolja sa nubarima preko :love: kako se samo lijepo sjaje :hmm:

  11. 78T mi je že sam po sebi zelo lep, z Nubarčkom je pa še lepši. :wub:

  12. Ooh, I love those colors, but they’re even more pretty with the Nubar on top!

  13. 101V looks amazing!

  14. o, kako lepo pride z bleščicami, drugače mi je pa ta modro zelena barva zelo lepa:P pa tudi taupejček je luštn:) :rose:

  15. Moram reči, da me noben Manhattan lak ni posebej navdušil. Všeč mi je le 78T. Z Nubarji pa izgledajo super. :yes:

  16. I’m loving all of these! 78T looks absolutely edible, especially with the Nubar polish on top. I wish I could get my hands on Nubar.

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