Monthly Archives: August 2011

Swatches: Essence – Sun Club waterproof eyeliners

Essence - Sun Club Waterproof Eyeliners: Blue lagoon, Lake shore, Dark water

If you follow me long enough, you are probably aware of how much I love Gosh Velvet Touch eyeliners. I have quite a lot of them and use them on a daily basis. There is such a nice variety of colors available, they are reasonable priced and they are long lasting. Love them! Unfortunately Gosh isn’t available in Slovenia anymore. ...

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Swatches: Mineralissima mineral eyeshadows

Mineralissima: Glam, Blueberry, Emerald, Forest, Illusion, Praline, Amberina, Latte, Happy, Lust, Nude, Cream

I used to be a HUGE mineral eyeshadows fan. After a few years of using only mineral eyeshadows I got bored of them and started again using pressed eyeshadows. After swatching and playing with the Mineralissima mineral eyeshadows I remembered how much I loved playing with colorful powders. Not much to say, just I love them! But there’s a lot ...

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Maestra's eyebrow products

Let’s talk about eyebrows today. I have to confess that I’m very lazy when it comes to eyebrows. I don’t pluck and/or trim them regularly. I also do not have the urge to have perfectly shaped eyebrows at all times. I prefer them a bit messy, which looks more natural to me. When I pluck my eyebrows I follow my ...

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Flormar, Golden Rose haul

Flormar, Golden Rose - Haul 07 2011

I’ve been hauling a lot lately … too much to be honest. I wasn’t really sure whether to show you these photos or not as I really went overboard and I have a bone to pick with Flormar. They think it’s perfectly acceptable to use my photos on their Facebook page … so I rarely do reviews for their products. ...

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FOTD: Summer Look

Make-up: Summer look by Maestra

The summer is not over for us. It’s been crazy hot here in the past week or so. We are having a heat wave. So you can image, what that means … molten make up … panda eyes … oily skin … I try to prevent this things, but they still happen. And you know what? I don’t care. I ...

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