Star holo glitter night manicure

My middle nail polish stand is filled with nail polishes that belong into “now or never” category. Meaning that this is it – the chance to wear or “archive” them.
Some time ago I either bought or got Gabrini 401 nail polish – holographic star glitter suspended in clear base. I’m not huge fan of larger glitter, but they have their uses so I pick them up every once in a while.

Gabrini 401 holo star glitter nail polish

Gabrini 401 holo star glitter nail polish

I had the idea of sparkly stars on night sky, but this is definitively not it. :silly: Gabrini glitter polish is sooo thick it’s almost impossible to apply it. And as the glitter is made from holo particles I was afraid to add thinner to it. I used dotting tool to get stars of the brush and onto the nails, but spreading and moving them around was still challenging.
I could really love this glitter if the stars were a lot smaller and base not as dense. The state it’s currently in? Well, I guess I could have used one of the stares to put onto my Christmas tree or possibly spice up some of the other nail art manicures and that is it.

Catrice The Calm Call + Gabrini 401 star glitter

Catrice The Calm Call + Gabrini 401 star glitter

In what way would you use this nail polish? Every idea is welcome or else this puppy will end up at far end of my last drawer. :silly:

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  1. vjerujem da se tesko nanose, ali konacan rezultat mi je bas super :nails:

  2. Tudi sama nisem fanica tovrstnih bleščic. Imam zelo rada manjše bleščice, heksagonale, kvadrate in kroge. Tu se konča še stripe glitter mi ni preveč všeč, zvezdice, srčki in podobno pa sploh odpadejo. Se mi pa zdi odlična ideja porabit takle lak za kakšne bleščice, ali pa ročno poslikane krogle za na smrečico in podobno. :)

  3. Jaz bi jih uporabila za kaj drugega, naprimer okraševanje kakšnih voščilnic in podobno… Drgače pa so te velike bleščice vedno problem…
    Aja, ste že videle napovedano limited edition kolekcijo od essence Hugs & Kisses? Upam da pride k nam, ker so bleščični laki noooori! :) :wub:

    • S srčki? Jaz si bom verjetno omislila kakšen nadlak. :angel:
      Bojim se, da še za tja niso, kjer bi morala prej dobro odstraniti z vsake bleščice debelo plast gostega laka. :sigh:

  4. I don’t know what to do with those star glitters either. I’m not a bid fan of them. but maybe you could make a jelly sandwich out of it?

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