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Alessandro Royal Stars silver and duochrome nail polish

Alessandro Royal Stars - Fabulous Jewel nail polish on bag

Sorry Silver Surfer, but Fabulous Jewel was my favorite from Royal Stars limited edition. This little baby is duochrome with gold, copperish and green tones and I adore the reddish or magenta (I know, world of difference but I sometimes see one and sometimes other ) sparkle in bright or artificial light aka when I’m washing my hands in bathroom. ...

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Gejba’s top lip balms

Gejba - best lip balms for dry lips

Since the beginning of time I had Sahara dry lips. Which is bad by itself, and then I go and forget to drink enough water and to use lip balm on hourly basis and problem escalates to “lips that hurt like hell”. I spent a lot of money and time finding right products for me, so I won’t tell you ...

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What happened to Gejba?

Where is Gejba

You know how it is, you get swamped with work, baby decides it’s teething time and blog has to rest for a while. I didn’t even realize I was gone that long until I received few messages asking if I was alive/depressed/healthy. Thank you for all your inquiries, it warms my heart that I have so many good “virtual” friend ...

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Catrice It Pieces LE (fall/winter 2014 assortment)

Catrice It Pieces haul

OMG – I almost fainted when I swatched Catrice It Pieces (all products will be part of fall/winter 2014 assortment) eyeshadows in the store. Soft, buttery (velvet) matte eyeshadows in very usable colors. Whats not to like? I bought Vanillaty Fair – light beige toned all over or HL shade one me. Now – I’m only sharing my first impressions ...

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Colorful confetti top coat over white nail polish, anyone?

Essie Blanc + Alessandro Portland Dream swatch

This is short and sweet post for all of you who said Alessandro Portland Dream and white base are match made in heaven. Just for you, I applied one thicker coat of colorful confetti nail polish over Essie Blanc. Bonus photo of playtime with new Mundo de Uñas  stamping plate and nail polishes. I still think it’s pretty but predicable ...

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New Essence limited editions for summer 2014

Essence Aquatix preview

Essence has it for our wallets and bank accounts. How else do you call 5 limited editions coming out (some are already available) this summer or beginning of fall 2014? My favorite by far is Essence Aquatix limited edition which will be available in August. One glance at the color schematic will tell you all … bluuuue. Blue nail polishes ...

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