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Deborah Nude Beige eyeshadow palette

Deborah Nude Beige (Smokey Eye) palette

Deborah Secrets of the SMOKEY EYE caught my eye as soon as I saw PR photos. I bought quite a few as Christmas gifts as I like quality of both Nude palettes … not so much that of other 2. Nude Beige was the one that I bought for myself. Name of the palette tells you all – this is ...

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Parokeets is 6 years old :)

Skincare giveaway by Parokeets

The day has come … we are going to school. Just kidding, but Parokeets blog did turn 6 today … age children in our country start grammar school. 2014 was definitively eventful year for me and blog. Only towards the end of year did I actually manage to really blog again. More time and less stress. For the past 2 ...

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Beauty favorites 2014

Best in beauty 2014

So, which products made it into my top of the top selection. I could have easily selected at least 20 more, but then I would have never finished this post. I tried to limit myself to more affordable products, but some just don’t have a drugstore competition in my eyes. Best FACE products of 2014 Catrice Nude Illusion liquid foundation ...

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My first “beauty box”

Lookfantastic Beauty Box December 2014

What can I say, all the interesting ones do not ship to Slovenia, so my first beauty box had to wait for a while to be chosen. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the “box” phenomenon – you buy surprise box without (usually) knowing anything about it. You get at least one full sized product and rest are ...

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Sleek Matte Me Rioja Red lip cream

Sleek Rioja Red lip cream applicator

Sleek Matte Me Rioja Red has been one of my favorite red lip products for a while now. I do have to admit I have to share it with my now 15 month old daughter. She adores the color+shape and hides it in a second if I don’t keep an eye on it.  Formula is perfect as I am concerned. ...

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Burt’s Bees lip balm

Burts Bees lip balm mango

I went scouting last month. It seems to be “organic” cosmetics boom in my country, so I checked out “natural” lip balms. Majority was nothing write home about, but few stood out from average. Today I have for you review of the first one. Burt’s Bees bought me with its cute gift packaging. And this is not even the first ...

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Jewelry by Brlogarka

Brlogarka Amazonia fimo necklace

Brlogarka is Slovenian artist I have known for a long time now. First item I bought from her were this cute mini cakes and pies as key-chains. Everybody I gave them to as a gift absolutely loved them, not to mention that was years ago and they’re still in one piece. There is one issue though – I always crave ...

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