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SpaRitual Liquid Gold

SpaRitual Liquid Gold bottle

SpaRitual Liquid Gold was one of the first nail polishes I bought and wore after I recovered from whole pregnancy/birth experience. Period when I was choosing nail polishes that I could wear for a week and not have very visible damage … and come to think of it, I’m still in that period. So quality nail polishes in not so ...

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I’m alive aka back on Internet

MAC in Villach

As you know I’m in the middle of moving, so not time to eat or drink let alone anything else. And to top everything, I was without Internet access for over a week. First world problems, right? To bad they completely stressed me out. You can imagine my hag-like look at the moment and no time for shopping. Well – ...

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Pupa in Slovenia

Pupa v Sloveniji

I’m in middle of packing, but had to tell you what I saw yesterday in our Muller while buying diapers. I had no time so I rushed in Müller and bought everything I needed for princess and made quick tour between big girls section, when I spotted whole Pupa stand. I didn’t have spare minute to check anything out, but ...

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Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette

Urban Decay Naked 3 palette closed

I’m currently in the process of moving, so everything that can’t be done in 5 minutes on tablet or phone doesn’t get done. I still wanted to say a few words about this palette for the reason you’ll find at the end of this post. After all the hype about Naked 1 and 2 palettes, I was finally curious enough ...

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Makeup favorites for 2013

Gejba's 2013 makeup favorites

Lets end 2013 with list of (some) of my favorite makeup products for the departing year. Original, right?  I’m not picking one POLISH over other so I’ll just stick with basics. Essence 24/7 base coat Poshe fast drying topcoat (yes, I love this one more than Seche) Ebelin nail polish remover (it was a toss between this one and Aveo ...

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New in stores – Alessandro, Essence, Illamasqua

Alessandro Glitter Stars

Gah – I wanted to buy few nail polishes from Alessandro Glitter Stars limited edition, but the stand was almost completely robbed. You could say I’m really late with this promo photo but maybe some of you still have full stands and will be able to drool over glitter nail polishes. And if you are Striplac lovers – they launched ...

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