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Clarins event

Clarins negovalni testerji

Lately I’ve been missing quite a few of “beauty” evens. So when all the stars aligned aka I was healthy and so was the little one, I had 2 nannies available and I was awake (don’t laugh, but I overslept Illamasqua’s event ), I simply had to go to Clarins one. I did learn a lot about the brand and ...

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OPI San Francisco – Little Bits of Chic mini pack

OPI San Francisco - Little Bits of Chic mini pack

Lately I’ve been liking OPI’s nail polish formula, so I just had to have San Francisco set of minis as I really loved all of the colors in it. There are 2 creme and 2 duochrome nail polishes in OPI San Francisco – Little Bits of Chic mini set. I did like both creme colors but duochromes won me over. ...

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Alessandro Fashion Clubbing LE

Alessandro Fashion Clubbing

Alessandro’s newest limited edition goes by the name Fashion Clubbing. First I saw group photo and spotted few of the interesting shades. After Party was not among them. Then I went through individual detail photos and the potential was there. But in all honest – promotional photos are just not showing the true beauty of this topper. Good thing bloggers ...

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Essence Superheroes holo and thermo nail polishes

Essence Superheroes

Can you believe that I managed to stumble upon almost full stand of Essence Superheroes limited edition while buying diapers? I really liked the holographic and thermo effect nail polishes so I picked up those two. Essence Super, Man! holo effect is my favorite of the two. Easy application, strong silver base and lots of holographic glitter. What’s not to ...

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Revlon Charming nail polish + stamping

Revlon Charming nail polish

One of the questions I was asked few times over the almost 5 years since this blog exists was why don’t we write more about Revlon. Since this is one of the top drugstore brands in the world. My answer was always the same – Revlon in Slovenia got stuck in time. We got nothing new or it took years ...

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Bourjois Micellar Cleansing Water

Bourjois Micellar Cleansing Water (INCI)

I’ve been buying Vichy micellar cleanser for such a long time, that I decided to buy something else just for the sake of change. I don’t have whole lot to tell you about this cleansing water, but I did like it and wanted for you to maybe glance at it next time you’re buying new make up remover. Scent is ...

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Essence Happy Holidays limited edition

Essence Happy Holidays LE stand

Slovenian beauty bloggers had the honor of being first to see Essence Happy Holidays LE stand in person as part of the Essence/Catrice blogger event. I’m sorry to say that my photos did not turn out OK as I was more anxious to see the products (at the time I had no idea LE is something not seen before) than ...

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