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L’Oreal Confettis topper

Loreal Confettis topper nail polish

I’m not big fan of black and white “dot” type kind of toppers, but this one drew my attention with tiny multicolored shimmer added to it. You probably guessed it – I spotted L’Oreal Confettis top coat. I would have never guessed it, but I simply adore this topper. I already used it twice and I don’t change manicures that ...

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Bourjois Vampire Vanity topper

Bourjois Vampire Vanity nail polish

The moment I saw first swatches of Bourjois Vampire Vanity topper, I was hooked. It simply had to be mine. First I looked in DM stores, but could not find this shade so I put it on my Muller shopping list and was lucky enough to catch it. I am happy to report that this topper is as pretty on ...

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Essence Dark Romance LE

Essence Dark Romance limited edition

First of – I’m nuts so this post will be live and updated few times as I’m determined to post it today, but there is no way I can actually do everything needed in the hour or so I have left. Soooo – even though Twillight movies ended, Essence once again launched dark and mystical limited edition that would go ...

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Bourjois Kaki Cheri and Red Island

Bourjois: Red Island, Kaki Cheri

I must admit I usually adore Bourjois products and they’re definitively one of my favorite drugstore brands but this time I loved one product and did not like the other. Couple of days ago I bought Bourjois Color Edition 24h cream to powder eyeshadow in Kaki Cheri and Color Boost in Red Island. Well – at least I got one ...

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Manhattan Magic Up! Abrakadbrown eyeshadow

Manhattan Magic Up eyeshadow Abrakadabrown

First of – this is limited edition eyeshadow, still available in Slovenia, but I’m not sure if it is still accessible to anyone. Just a quick word of warning so you don’t kill me after I tell you this is one of the best eyeshadows I have ever seen. So what is it? Manhattan labeled it as long lasting with ...

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Essence Beauty Beats LE

Essence Beauty Beats LE

I’m really later with these “swatches” so I’ll be super quick. As you probably all know, Essence is  official make-up partner of Justin Bieber’s 2013 tour. I’m definitively not a fan of his, but boy did I like the nail polishes I saw at the Essence event. So they were one of the few things that went home with me. ...

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Essie and Bourjois DM haul

Essie and Bourjois haul

Our DM drugstores had hot sale going on if you were lucky enough to receive their latest coupons in mail. I wasn’t among lucky ones, but my mom was (and she never buys cosmetics while I don’t have to explain how my shopping bag looks like after I visit DM stores ). The sale? 50% Essie nail polishes and you ...

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