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Parokeets and Shiseido Slovenia SUN photo challenge on Facebook

Shiseido FB foto natecaj 2014

I’m copying Slovenian post in English part too as I know lots of Slovenian ladies prefer reading this part of the blog. Tokrat izziv organiziramo na naši Facebook strani in sicer v sodelovanju s Shiseido Slovenija. Tematika je letnemu času primerna – sonce in sproščanje/zabava/dogodivščine. Nagrada pa lepa in tematiki primerna: ogromna in mehka brisača, SPF 15 oil-freee spray + ...

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Catrice Le Grand Bleu limited edition swatches

Catrice Le Grand Bleu

I just blogged about Catrice Le Grand Bleu preview and few days later stumbled upon whole stand. I was modest and bought only 3 products. It would have been 4 if I remembered I also wanted highlighter. Sorry for lack of the photo swatches, I only had time for video and will be making swatch of Mermaiday Mayday nail polish ...

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New Subrina (hair care products)

Prenovljena Subrina - samponi in balzami

Subrina is one of Slovenian (mainly/best known by) hair product brands and pretty much synonym for hair conditioners. A while ago they had major redesign and as our Muller stores are currently offering 40% discount, I purchased “few” of the products. In case you’re wondering why did I buy so many products … no, I didn’t simply lose it. One ...

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Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 2

Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 2 - sun photo

And it’s finally here … Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 2 eyeshadow palette review that is. Easter bunny aka Lič sent me this palette a while ago and I have been thoroughly testing it since. Never heard of Revolution brand? No, it’s not something prehistoric but rather something brand new. Here is quote from their site: Makeup Revolution launched in London ...

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Catrice Shopping Day At Bluemingdales

Catrice Shopping Day At Bluemingdales

I bought this blue beauty over a year ago as part of the Catrice spring “make over”. This blue based nail polish with hint of purple and in muted tones is named Catrice Shopping Day At Bluemingdales. First layer is still sheer, but second one evens out the surface and gives satisfactory but not full coverage. Application itself is not ...

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Upcoming limited editions for spring/summer 2014

Shiseido Lacquer Gloss preview

So much is going on with new limited editions, out with the old and in with new products, whole new lines … that I was seriously overwhelmed with the information flowing into my email box. I can’t even tell you that I chose the most interesting things as I’m pretty sure I missed few of the yummy ones. Ermmm – ...

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Jessica In Bloom nail polishes (summer 2014)

Jessica In Bloom LE group photo

Maybe I didn’t move in the right neighborhood. Can you imagine having Jessica in your vicinity? It’s kind of good thing that little one is keeping me busy. But I have more time now and thought I would ask them if I could borrow testers of new limited editions for day or two to make swatches for you … and ...

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