New Subrina (hair care products)

Prenovljena Subrina - samponi in balzami

Subrina is one of Slovenian (mainly/best known by) hair product brands and pretty much synonym for hair conditioners. A while ago they had major redesign and as our Muller stores are currently offering 40% discount, I purchased “few” of the products. In case you’re wondering why did I buy so many products … no, I didn’t simply lose it. One ...

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Favorite hair products of Summer 2013

Favorite hair products- Summer 2013: Aussie

My hair is long reaching the mid of my back, dyed (ombre), wavy with dry ends. My scalp is sensitive and if I use a harsh shampoo I get itchy scalp with something that looks like dandruff. All that means that I cannot just use whatever products and my scalp and hair need special attention. Here are my favorite products ...

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Haul: Hair treatment, hand cream & chocolate!

Maestra's Haul 2011-11-21

My today’s haul looks a little bit like this. I have long dyed hair, prone to split-ends and it’s also very dry at the moment. It needs special care. That’s why I again bought the Gliss Kur Oil Nutritive Rapair-Butter-Treatment, which is very thick and nourishing. I love it! I’ve repurchased it several times in the past few years. And ...

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